Notes from NBA TV’s Fan Night presented by Sprint Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Miami Heat (105) @ Indiana Pacers (90): Lin Does It Again!


This Lin run is incredible. There are no holes in this story. It’s all real. Yes, there is a racial component that can’t be questioned, but his talent is stepping up and taking what is his. I’ll have more on Jeremy Lin’s basketball impact later today that includes a relative David Stern quote I got earlier this season.

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Miami Heat forward LeBron James joins the Fan Night crew via Arena Link

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Fan Night presented by Sprint

Ernie Johnson, Chris Webber and Greg Anthony


Anthony on the Miami Heat getting media attention:  “It’s interesting that the only time there is news about the Heat is when they lose. They are playing so well and LeBron James is having a phenomenal season.”

Anthony on the Miami bench: “The Miami bench is impressive. I felt all along the key to Miami was going to be their bench. If they got contributions from those other areas they would become almost unbeatable.”


Anthony on what’s been special about the Indiana Pacers and has them where they are right now: “Balance and growth are the two things I see. When you look at their roster, this is a really young basketball team that has yet to play their best basketball collectively and individually.”


Larry Bird, Indiana Pacers President of Basketball Operations, joins the Fan Night crew via Arena Link


Bird on the mantra of the team and how he thinks basketball should be played on the Indiana team:  “I told these guys if you rebound, defend and have good ball movement, it’s going to be hard to beat you. You have to keep the defense on their heels and you have to come ready to play every night. We talk about all these back-to-backs but if you come in shape and mentally strong, you should be able to overcome all of that. You have to have a deep bench to carry the starters on nights when they aren’t playing well. If you do that, you will have success in this league.”


Bird on potential surprises in the postseason because of the shortened season and injuries: “Injuries play a key role in anything. If one key player goes down it could change everything. When the playoffs come around, and if everyone is healthy, you are going to have 4-5 teams that could win this thing. And there might be some upsets in the early rounds, like Philadelphia and ourselves, that have gotten better and you might be able to sneak up on some teams and make it to the second or third round.”


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Sprint Halftime Report

Johnson, Anthony and Webber


Webber on New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin’s recent success: “When you see what Lin has done — bringing new people to the game – I really love it because you are going to see others bring players to the game. He’s earned it. I like the fact that it happened. Are they going to win the Championship? Who knows? But right now he’s playing hard and you are seeing someone being rewarded for their work ethic.”


Anthony on the Lin phenomenon: “You could argue this could be the biggest story of the NBA season. I hear more about Jeremy Lin than anything else going on in the NBA. What’s been most impressive is that he never doubted himself. He’s always maintained a certain amount of confidence that he could do it when given the opportunity. It’s not about whether or not he leads them to a championship or is an All-Star, he’s proven he is an NBA player. He’s made the Knicks the talk of the town and not because they were 8 and 13 at one point.”


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NBA GameTime presented by Hyundai

Johnson, Webber and Anthony


Miami Heat’s LeBron James joins the NBA TV studio team via Arena Link


James on the Miami Heat’s defensive mentality: “I take just as much pride in my defensive end as I do on the offensive end.  When we get a stop or steal, it’s off to the races. There are not many teams that can get from end-to-end like we can.”


James on what he has seen from a distance watching New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin play:  “He’s playing good basketball.  The best thing that ever happened to him was being in that system with Coach (Mike) D’Antoni.  He gives you confidence offensively and it’s a free offense.  He lets you play freely; you don’t worry about mistakes you just worry about playing basketball and showing your ability. He is thriving in that system and playing some good basketball.”

Webber on Knicks guard Jeremy Lin’s performance in the last six games: “You love people that bring your interest up to a different level and he even said he likes the pressure at the end of games. He is very humble and he loves his teammates.  What we have seen is toughness and he has earned this position.”

41 Responses to “Notes from NBA TV’s Fan Night presented by Sprint Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Miami Heat (105) @ Indiana Pacers (90): Lin Does It Again!”

  1. Origin says:

    I understand that the Lin story is great and it plays into the 3 categories of sports stories that the media plays into.

    1. The story of a Villain

    2. The story of the underdog

    3. The story of redemption

    But folks need to acknowledge the season that Lebron is having. This dude is having right now the greatest Per season in the history of the NBA. I mean greater then any season MJ put up and even greater then the year that Wilt put up 50 PPG. They called him out on posting up and he goes into the offeseason and works on his post up game and triple threat offense. He worked on his face up shot release. He has cut down on his 3 point shooting. The young man has really grown his game and is not getting enough credit.

  2. GrandNubian says:


    I agree, Lebron is having a monster season. With Jeremy Lin getting all of the media attention (and deservingly so), that might be a blessing in disguise for the Heat. Stay under the radar and out of the spotlight.

  3. Origin says:

    True because you know fans and mainstream media stay hating.

  4. Origin says:

    But actually GN outside of ESPN (who barely cover it at all) the media never covers the NBA. Unless its black men behaving badly so even if there was no Lin the media wouldn’t even talk about the NBA until the finals.

    Think last season we heard more about Durants tats on his cheats then his actual game. Or more about Westbrook mean mugging then actually about OKCs success. Sadly it takes the story of Lin for the public and media to even discuss the NBA on a positive note and that is really what Buzz was talking about in his article. So even though the media is discussing Lin I still give them the side eye because when the hype dies down the coverage of the NBA will too.

  5. Origin says:

    Sorry guys cheats should be chest.

  6. ks says:

    I like Lin but, this shows what I HATE about the media. You know you’re e getting a hype job when places like BSPN roll out the utterly arbitrary and bogus stats like “most points scored in their first 4 starts…” nonsense.

    If I’m Carmelo I’m assessing this situation very carefully. They’ve already set him up to be the fall guy if it doesn’t work out and he hasn’t even played a minute yet in the new situation and all those buster ass front running fans who were begging him to come to the Knicks last season now want him shipped out of town.

  7. Origin says:

    Yeap Ks and thats why Lebron was smart as heck as to never set foot in that stadium same with Chicago with cheap Reinsdorf there.

    The thing is with the big russian coming to Brooklyn with Williams, Howard, probably a top 10 pick and nice young nucleus they will be ready to compete for a ring. Most likely winning a couple in 3 to 5 years (Remember the best centers always win multiple rings…unless their are injuries or they run up against a bigger and badder center). The NY media and the silly fans will blame Melo for all the teams failures. Whether its poor coaching, Lin’s turnovers, a crap bench or the GM not being able to find young talent.

    Yeap they are going to set Melo up to be the scapegoat.

  8. Origin says:

    See Ks here you go.

    Articles like this are so over the top. When its not Melo’s fault because the team cut their starting PG in the offseason. Or that his coach had him playing as a point forward when he isn’t.

    Man I can’t take the media seriously any more.

  9. Origin says:

    Also if the team loses a game when Melo comes back watch the fans and those ignorant fool in the media start the trade Melo anthem.

  10. ks says:


    Yep that’s some straight up “Linsanity” bs right there. No mention of the Chauncey Billups cut nor Melo being forced to play “point foward”.

    But what really irriated me about the article was the whole “team ball hasn’t been played at the Garden in 40 years crap”. It’s the whole AAU ball (niggers-wrong) vs Team ball (white-right) nonsense hiding behind Jeremy Lin’s shorts.

    So…the Pat Ewing led squads that broke the Pacers hearts every year, went toe to toe with MJ’s Bulls and Hakeem’s Rockets and didn’t back down and who, literally, fought Alonzo and Hardaway’s Heat to the finish didn’t play team ball!!!!!?!!!. What about the Sprewell lead team that went to the Finals!!?! No “team ball” there or in “40 years”, right?

    Get out of here.

  11. CDF says:

    It’s the usual gawk at the newest/greatest thing with the Lin hype. If his game remains legit for several years, then good for him (and the game). Otherwise, I always take a step back from the hype as it will cloud judgements.

  12. kos says:

    Origin -

    You’re characterization of a pre-emptive faulting of Carmelo before he even gets back is spot on. After the Knicks won 3 straight, that’s when I started seeing articles about Carmelo (and to a smaller extent, A’mare) coming back will ruin the chemistry the Knicks have forged since Lin took over. Funny how Carmelo wasn’t the re-incarnation of a late in his career Charles Barkley when he was in Denver.

    Anyone who watched the Nuggets in 2009, saw Carmelo killing the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. He’s a matchup nightmare when he has the right players around him. Unfortunately, once he was traded, anything of worth not named A’mare that was already in NY (Gallinari, Wilson Chandler) was gone to Denver.

    One more thing, I bet Baron Davis wishes he would have signed with the Lakers now instead of going to the Knicks. With the buzz that Lin has, no way he is going to start for the Knicks now barring injury.

  13. Miranda says:

    I don’t even follow the NBA that closely at this point in the season, and still I’ve read (and I stop after either the title gives it away or the first paragraph) all this speculation on Melo and Amare and how they are bound to “mess up the chemistry”. Its really pathetic what the state of media has become.

  14. TheLastPoet says:

    I’ve got two words for all the Jeremy Lin hype: Flip Murray.

    Look him up, recall how he splashed onto the scene, recall the very decent (but certainly not legendary) career he wound up having, and then get back to me on Mr. Lin.

    Get at me about Mayweather’s comments, too…

  15. ks says:

    AArrgghh LP don’t get me started! Imo, Mayweather was absolutely right! It was a plain observation. In a sane world, his comments wouldn’t have been “controversial” at all. He acknowledged Lin was a good player but he said he’s getting more hype for his accomplishments because of his ethnicity.

    It amazed me watching people who went on and on how great it was for the NBA that Lin did well because of his ethnicity then turn around and trash Mayweather for basically pointing out the same thing. I suspect Floyd made them “unconfortable” by pointing out that black players who performed similar to Lin under similar circumstances didn’t get the same love.

    That’s when the blizzard of phony Lin “records” went into high gear along with the usual coded foolishness like how he “was a breath of fresh air”, “how it was great he wasn’t tatted up”, “how he went to Harvard”, and how his underdog story was somehow “different” than all the dudes before him who toiled in the D league and bounced from team to team on 10 day contracts before they got the right situation and took off.

  16. sankofa says:

    Glad Temple mentioned the Mayweather controversy. Because that and what Origin mentioned about Carmelo is the Jeremy Lin love fest in a nut shell. Remember during the lockout in the NBA and the NFL the ignoramus were dogging out the players (not the Caucasian ones either). The refrain, thugs, over paid, boring etc was attached to the NBA throughout the lock out.

    America Inc. is always looking for the next “white hype” even if he is Chinese or Filipino

  17. ks says:

    Btw, to Mayweather’s point about black players doing it every day:

    Last night:

    Lin – 10pts 13 assists

    T. Parker – 34 pts 14 assists (9 straight wins)
    K. Irving – 22pts 5 assists
    M. Conley – 16pts 10 assists
    D. Williams – 26pts 11 assists
    R. Rondo – 35pts 6 assists
    J.Wall – 18pts 12 assists
    C. Paul 16pts 9 assists

    Throw in Nash at 22pts 16 assists just for a little flavor and it’s case closed.

  18. TheLastPoet says:


    Irving and Rondo do not qualify because a PG must have at least 7 dimes in order to qualify for this particular bogus-ass fake-achievement. Lol

  19. ks says:


    Hahaha…that’s right. I forgot about the special qualifications…

  20. TheLastPoet says:

    Oh yeah, and you gotta score 20 pts, too, so that eliminates Conley, Wall, and Paul… so now can you see how truly special and hardworking and dedicated and unselfish and intelligent and determined and humble and pious and, oh yeah, how non-black Lin really is?

    Seriously, it’s ok for folk to come out and support one of their own when they succeed in fields that were previously not open to them. Us Blackfolk have a rich history and tradition of doing it, where “Negro Firsts” are still celebrated to this day.

    So I don’t mind reading from a plethora of Asian sportswriters, whom before last week I didn’t even know existed (much like many don’t know that Black sportswriters exist), all gushing about how Jeremy Lin makes their d*ck hard. They got Asian Pride and that’s very cool.

    It’s the whitefiolk that need to stop.

  21. ks says:


    Don’t forget about the other qualification. You must headline SportsCenter highlights!

    Seriously, I totally agree with your Asian pride point with one caveat. The NBA was previously open to Asians though I guess it’s more of an Asian-American thing as opposed to an Asian thing in general. Hell, Yao JUST retired….

  22. eric daniels says:

    I got tired of the Linsanity pretty quickly, the question is can he lead that team deep into the playoffs with D ‘Antoni’s system as opposed to NBA playoff basketball where you have to play lock- down defense and from what I have seen from Lin so far he has yet to master good team defensive skills. The Knicks still need an outside shooter to take the pressure off of Melo and Chandler and Amare.

    We will find out about the new- look Knicks Sunday when they play the Mavericks and later next week the Heat, whom have players who can not only score but play lock- down defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if Le Bron played Lin head up. (which what Kobe should have done Friday Night) I like the kid but he’s no Tebow, he actually has talent to be a pretty good Point guard in the league, but ESPN and the white media has got to stop playing the race card on Melo and Amare being typical ‘black selfish players.

  23. ks says:

    So now that Lin has come out and confirmed that it was Melo who told the coach to put him in, do you think the nonsense will stop? Yeah right….

  24. CDF says:


    If you heard about ESPiNners recent “apology” over some editorial “mistake”, I’d say no…:/

  25. RBD says:

    Nobody disputes Mayweather’s comments that black players score 26 points a night around the NBA. But how many players of any race have made an impact after twice being cut and doing time in the D League? How many Ivy League grads have made an impact in the NBA? How many players combine these traits in their backgrounds?
    None of this is to say Lin is going to become a perpetual All-Star, but the novelty of the story is undeniable. It’s not unlike the story of two girls from Compton, coached exclusively by their father rather than at an elite country club, who became two of the most prolific winners in tennis history.

  26. ks says:

    Actually, it’s quite unlike the Williams sister story. I’ve seen that comparison thrown around elsewhere, and as Charles might say, that’s a “tuurrible comparison”. V and S are not a “novelty” or, more accurately, they are only a novelty in that they are sisters. While they are certainly great champions they were neither the first AA players nor the first great AA players nor the first AA champions. I’m sure you are aware of Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson. The idea that they are any kind of novelty just speaks to folks short memories.

  27. Origin says:

    @ Ks and LP – what you guys said is true. But as we all know the way the media and many fans work their motto is ATBB (anything but black) especially when it comes to the NBA.

    Look I have no problem with folks liking the story….it is an amazing story. The last story like this would be the Kurt Warner story. But in saying that when folks whether the media or others of any race are saying this is a Jackie Robinson story for Asians I have to say hold up now.

    Do these people realize that before Jackie Robinson that no blacks could play in MLB. Not black Americans or black Latins or black Africans… black folks period. It wasn’t like before Jackie there was a couple of black foreigners from Nigeria who were in MLB. We all know that before Jackie if you were black and you wanted to play baseball as a pro you played in the negro league. That is why you had black folks from panama, cube and Puerto Rico all playing baseball in the negro league.

    Before Lin there were Asian players in the modern NBA such as Wang, Yao and Yi. With Wang being the true trailblazer and the one was the first to do it so folks need to stop all this Lin and Jackie Robinson stuff.
    In saying all of this, I understand the reason for this over the top talk is to get the Asian American and especially the Chinese/Taiwan dollars. I mean this is America right and doing business with the Chinese market is what we are all about. Whether its sending jobs there for cheap labor (ask foxconn) or buying products from there (check where most of the stuff in your house is made from). So it’s in the leagues and media best interest to keep the Lin hype going no matter how over the top it is. Plus lets not also forget the role of how racism and how its played when it comes to people of color and how there is a totem pole when it comes to ranking so called minorities and how they are viewed within white society. We all know that Asians have been viewed as model minorities and often viewed in America as a more desirable minority when compared to blacks and latins.
    Now here is the beef I have with these fans and their umm code words. When Lin was considered a regular scrub on the bench all I heard from the clowns on forums especially realgm was so what he has a degree from Harvard (It doesn’t matter if a plays or starts). While the view was the black players use their athletic ability, Lin used his brains to get by in life and will be rich (after playing) while the rest of these so called thugs will spend all their money on women and cars and be broke in a few years.
    Now fast forward to Lin starting and putting up all-star numbers the talk is see he is a much harder worker then the rest of the Knicks and see he did it the right way and went to school for 4 years while the other players just took the short cut and became 1 and dones. I mean this nonsense is just over the top from these idiots.

    Also Ks if it was just about him being Asian American then why wasn’t there a discussion and talk about Coach Spo last year going to the finals. I mean shouldn’t the media and fans have been rooting for Spo and the Heat to defeat the Mavs in the finals last year. I mean he was only the first Asian coach in the history of the NBA and the first Asian coach to ever coach in the finals.
    One more thing……….since when do we start calling 2 year players rookies. I mean all of a sudden over the last year players like Tebow and Lin have been called rookies after having 1 year under their belt. I have never in my life seen people scrabble to call someone a rookie who isn’t a rookie. On top of that since when do PGs not get called out on having TOs. I mean John Wall and Westbrook have been called out on their turnovers all of last year. Wall had a pretty good rookie year but the media rode his behind over those turnovers.

  28. Origin says:

    @ Ks – My wife and I were talking about how you can’t compare the William sisters to this because the so called hype with them was after they won a tennis championship or championships. Shoot ESPN was calling Lin a top 5 PG after one week of play. I am watching the Heat play today and these fools spend the whole half-time show talking about Lin.

    Plus what is up with these slave catchers when it comes to Maywhether’s comments on Twitter. You got all these black folks like Magic and the rest giving their feeling on Mayweather’s comments??? But when the fans or media are practicing character assassination or sending death threats to fill in the blank black athlete I can’t get these fools to say anything. When Lebron was showing those racist tweets or Cam had media members calling him everything but a child of god these toms were straight up hiding.

  29. Origin says:

    Sorry everyone for the lack of paragraphs on my first post. Something happened when I pasted it into the comments section.

  30. ks says:


    You laid it down exactly right! V & S had to earn their praise with multiple championships while Lin get major outrageous props for a couple of weeks of good games while the most key stat involving any pg, turnovers, is largely overlooked. The Jackie Robinson comparisons and beyond absurd and I’m really tired about hearing about freakin’ Harvard. Ben Wallace, Bruce Bowen, Avery Johnson, Udonis Haslem, Raja Bell, John Starks and so on were ALL undrafted and, for the most part, came from level level bball college programs.

  31. ks says:

    That should be “..came from lower level…”

  32. Origin says:

    True on everything Ks.

    Its funny how when the season started the media was slurping on Rubio. Man they threw Rubio butt to the curb since this Lin stuff started. I just have to laugh at the media at times they are true bandwagon hoppers.

    Remember when Brett Farve retired last year…..all you heard from the media was how it was so sad and it would never be the same watching the NFL without Farve playing. Then the next year they were pumping the Aaron Rodgers was better then Brett mess.

    Now I have a question how do you think all this Lin mess plays out if he decides to play for China or Taiwan national teams. Do non Asian American fans (and the wishy washy media) turn their back on him or do they continue to cheer for an asian american who decided to play for another country in the olympics and world championship games. I can see it now, Americans and the media cheering on China or Taiwan as they play basketball in the Olympics (especially against those bad knee grows on the redeem team).

    Another thing I wanted to say Ks is that if Lin’s parents were Vietnamese or Samoan I still don’t think this hype would have ever gotten this big. Not as easy to package the story and sell it overseas because if Dat Nguyen or Troy Polamalu where from China their stories would be much and I mean much bigger.

  33. ks says:


    Yeah the media has definitely kicked Rubio to the curb though he is the much better long term pg prospect. They tried it with Jimmer but he doesn’t have the goods. The Lin thing is so crazy now the he, like Tebow and Favre before him, even has his on stat line on ESPN at the bottom of the screen. You know…NBA, NFL, NCCAM, Golf, Lin….

    And if Lin decided to play for the Taiwanese team in the Olympics, we would probably start hearing about how great it is that he’s embracing his heritage. You make an excellent point about what if Lin were Vietnamese or Samoan which is absolutely true but I see two other main drivers here. Lin embodies the noxious “Model Minority” myth and plays in a league that’s largely black and which is often negatively stereotyped by the media and society at large.

  34. Origin says:

    True on all points Ks. You and I agree on that model minority being a driver. That is one of the main issues with this story. Its the way in which folks make comments about him being a hard worker and beating the odds.

    Like other NBA players don’t?? The whole asians work harder then black folks myth. I seen fools on the internet saying that Lin had to work hard for everything he got unlike Lebron in which everything was given to him. So a man who grew up in the projects where there is crime and violence all around him. Without a father and knew that sports was the only way for him to pull his family out of poverty, somehow was given everything to him???

    Shoot Lin had it way easier then Lebron.

    Please thats like my Buppie middle class growing up self saying I had it harder then some fatherless kid that grew up in the Robert Taylor homes of Chicago.

    Oh and folks need to stop saying that Lin is some regular dude and proves anyone can make it. How many folks are 6-3 and 200 pounds? Not only that how many folks are that tall and can run and dribble like Lin? You can’t have it both ways…….you can’t tell me Lebron is successfull because he is big and fast then tell me Lin is successful because he is a hard worker.

    A regular dude is Isaiah Thomas, Nat Robinson or Earl Boykins not some 6-3 dude. The avg american male is 5-8 or 5-9. All the dudes I listed above are that tall or shorter.

  35. Origin says:

    Oh and I saw that dumb Lin Ticker. So I guess every year will be a new ticker??

    This might be the first year that I can remember in years where the media focus in the NBA wasn’t about black folks behaving badly….SMH!!!

  36. kos says:

    Origin -

    In the midst of switching past one of ESPN’s channels last night, I saw a teaser for Sportscenter that asked the question: “Is Lin better than Magic?”

    I know that headline is just to get eyes watching, but anyone who even entertains the idea that Jeremy Lin is better than Magic is crazy. By extension, they’re trying to say that Lin is already one of the two best point guards EVER (Oscar Robertson being the other).

    For some sane reasoning on Lin’s and Tebow’s rapid ascents into the stratosphere, I suggest checking out William Rhoden’s column on the Times web site:

    And the thing that shocked me, is this column’s seed was partially planted in Rhoden’s head by none other than Rebecca Lobo.

  37. ks says:


    Great read and mad props to Rebecca Lobo for bringing that up. I suspect she knows the real deal. THE ESPN teaser about Lin being better than Magic is insane even for them.

    Hey did anybody notice an interesting side story to this Lin thing? Jason Whitlock being called out for his crude comment about Lin. Now, as we all know here, Ole Whitlock has been making similar, and worse, crude comments about black athletes for YEARS without a peep. In fact, he’s been lauded as “brave” for such idiocy. I guess he forgot he wasn’t really “in” despite his ass kissing and servitude. Dummy.

  38. eric daniels says:

    Thank you Ks, Whitlock has been making offensive statements about African- Americans for years and now they call him out for his ‘small dick” comment on Jeremy Lin. The utter hypocrisy of the white media.

  39. Origin says:

    Thanks Kos and Ks for the Rhoden Story and mad shouts out to Ms. Lobo for saying what meny black folks feel.

    @ ED Fat Whitlock is a clown this dude has dogged out black men and women for years and no one has said anything.

    Also did anyone see first take??? Ole Stepin A Smith actually said black folks were responsible for this whole ESPN editor and anchor using racial slurs and racial sensitivity. But at the same time gave excuses for not calling out his employer or his coworker. Man how can this clown even look at himself in the morning. Black folks can’t catch a break man. We are the reason the economy went down, why there are no jobs, why folks called Lin racial slurs, why there is global warming etc, etc, etc.

    So let me get this right Stepin A. When Plax shoots himself or when Vick fights dogs its black men who needs to get their stuff together. When white folks use racial slurs at minorities its not white folks who need to get their stuff together its black people who need to fix the problem…..OK I think I got it now.

  40. ks says:


    Clowns like Stepin A and Whitlock are perfect examples of something I’ve long thought – “I’m never surprised that people sellout but I’m often surprised by how cheaply they are bought.”

    You know when the sports MSM gets tired of them they will be put out to pasture and only dusted off when they need somebody to put their spin on racial issues and/or attack the “Bad Negro of the Day”.

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