TSF Friday Fire: What Are Your Favorite NBA All-Star Weekend Memories?

Magic put up 25, 9 and 5 in a classic performance

Twenty years ago Magic Johnson took the floor as he was voted in by the  the fans for the 1992 NBA All-Star game only three months after announcing to the world that he was HIV positive. Turning in a performance for the ages – Johnson was voted the game’s Most Valuable Player as he closed out his stellar performance going one on one against Eastern Conference foes Michael Jordan and Isaiah Thomas.

This is just one of my favorite NBA All-Star moments. On the flip side there are more of my favorite moments. What are yours?

Of course we open up with Marvin!


Andrew, Big Mo, Lil’ Mo & The Doctor


Larry Legend Gives ‘Em The Finger

In the 1988 Three Point Shootout, two-time defending championship  Larry Bird and Dale Ellis squared off in the finals of the event. Ellis went first and jumped out to a significant lead, but Bird would rally, clearing the last two racks with marksman precision. Needing the final money ball to clinch his third title, Bird snatched, fired and almost in one motion placed his right index finger skyward as the ball hit nothing but the bottom of the net.


The Great Chicago Heist

Robbing Dominique Wilkins of the 1988 Slam Dunk Championship was one of the great miscarriages of justice ever witnessed by this sports fan. That weekend was all about Michael Jordan and the Chicago home cooking he received. Both men emptied their creative souls that night. The one dunk that I remember is Nique’s two-handed windmill dunk from the side. Fury, Grace and Power all in one swift motion.


J.R. Rider’s East Bay Funk

I remember J.R. doing Georgetown dirty while he was at UNLV, but this…this was something I used to try on the crates back in the day.


Half Man – Half Amazing

Words cannot even begin to describe the greatest performance in the history of the Slam Dunk Competition.


Where’s My Coach?

It seemed like that entire weekend was made for Allen Iverson


Iggy Pop (My all-time favorite)

Once Iggy flushed this dunk, I thought Charles, Kenny and Magic were gonna rush the floor.

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  1. Nice stuff here Ron.

    Damn Dre…that dunk gets sicker as time passes.

    I gotta go with Magic. Such a real moment. Rarely see those anymore. I’m sure we all thought every shot he took late was going in…and they did.

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