Peyton Manning To Sign With Denver Broncos – Ending TebowMania

There will be no quarterback controversy in the Mile High City this NFL season. Peyton Manning the most high-profile free agent in quite some time has reportedly agreed to sign with the Denver Broncos according to several sources.

The signing of Manning will bring an end to the tenure of starting quarterback Tim Tebow in Denver, who according to Broncos team officials will be traded.

25 Responses to “Peyton Manning To Sign With Denver Broncos – Ending TebowMania”

  1. ch555x says:

    I guess he didn’t want the SB pressure in SF nor the excessive accolades in TN.

  2. mapoui says:

    …but the easy way to get rid of Tebow by Denver.

    no mattter what Tebow is gone and if Peyton does not pan out the Broncs are free to go get a real QB..

    super stardom to anonymity in 6 months. Is Jeremy paying atention?

  3. ks says:

    Slick move by the Broncos. They sell Tebow high but get similar benefits (ticket sales, ratings, etc.) and a much much better QB, even if he’s not 100%, in Peyton.

  4. I would not doubt if the Eagles bring Tebow in. They love a qb controversy here and one along racial lines will keep the Eagles on the front page and lips of outlets and pundits everywhere.

  5. michelle says:

    Thank goodness!!!! I’m so sick of no talent Tebow.

  6. Michelle says:

    R.I.P. Travon Martin…. Gone to soon. I hope your killer is brought to justice…

  7. mapoui says:

    I suspect Tebow ends up out of the league really.

    I doubt there is any team interested in picking up.

    and if the Broncos manage to squeeze him in somewhere it wont last.

    maybe if Tebow changes position, plays running back…maybe there would be interest. but I cant see it as a QB

    by the end of next season he may likely be out of the league.

  8. Origin says:

    @mapoui – Don’t be so quick to poor some liquar out for Tebow. That young man is a cash cow and will be a starter in the league next year and with david Garrard signing with the Dolphins (and with Marshall being traded what a freaking surprise) he will be traded to the jags.

    Oh and you wrong to call out Lin for that………..LOL!!!

    @Ks – Yeah it was a hell of a move and to top it off my wife texts me when she heard about Peyton asking why they treating Tebow like a Kneegrow…..LOL!!!! I tell you the sista is a mess.

    Anyway Ks I still believe the fix is in with this whole Peyton mess. You have all these teams and fools on ESPN saying he was working out but we still haven’t seen film of him working out. Then the Duke university paper says that when he was in NC he didn’t even workout with Elway and all they did was talk.

    @Michelle – Yes RIP to Travon Martin. Shame because even when staying in so called middle and upper class neighborhoods this type of violence still can happen to black folks. My sister and I can attest to that growing up in our neighborhood….folks would be shock how many Zimmerman’s there are in many neighborhoods.

  9. mapoui says:

    True Origin…Tebow is a cash cow. But he cant play!

    what yu gonna do ultimately when ythe player cant play ball?

    deh all know..the gm’s and head coaches. how long can the circus go on when Tebow cant play?

    Lin has some talent but he is no great shakes. someone on another thread started to take him apart. I see little wrong with that analysis. of course Lin can improve. and he does have some talent around him. but…

    time wil tell I guess

  10. eric daniels says:

    Well ain’t that a bitch, John Elway got the franchise QB he wanted and got rid of “Tebow Mania” without incurring the wrath of those Rocky Mountain Denver fans who loves their Evangelical QB. He better hope Manning plays all 16 games and they win the division because if they don’t, Elway is going to be in world of trouble. Meanwhile, “Baby Jesus” is going to Jacksonville where the football scouts and experts may not want him but the owner seeing sellouts and dollar signs will sign a guy who doesn’t belong at that position and can’t even complete 48 percent of his passes but will be a star in “Tea Party” Country.

  11. mapoui says:

    I think I misunderstood Origins admonition on Lin…

    theres more to it than I gathered….

  12. Temple3 says:

    With respect to prospects for Tebow’s future, I agree with Origin (and Willis McGahee) in that he’ll be fine.

    John Elway never really had any use for Tebow because the Broncos don’t need him to sell seats or finance a stadium. They caved to the public pressure because Orton wasn’t winning. The Broncos lost 3 of their first 5 games by a total of 11 points. If Denver wins those games, you might never have seem Tebow last season.

    As for Peyton’s decision to choose Denver…I have no idea. But, the last 3 Super Bowl winners are all in the NFC…on young teams. Maybe he prefers the path he’s walked for 14 years in the AFC.

    Or maybe he just didn’t want to roll with Moss.

  13. mapoui says:

    I actually bet that Manning would end up in San Francisco as the best win-now situation….excellent coach, defense, many offensive weapons inlcudidng running back and offensive line that would certainly be a focus for improvement to protect the QB.

    the idea that Manning wanted to be free of super bowl expectations seems strong to me, as he has a real problem with that in his career. he has managed to get there twice only, winning once.

    Manning has a choke label to deal with emotionally. and I dont think general expectations of SB are quite as strong with the Broncos as it is with the Niners.

    but that is not to say I dont think that Elway and Manning intend to sneak one his coming season. I am certain they do. and I expect Elway to try very hard if quietly, to put everything together that will bring the Broncos at least close this season…if Manning maintains all the way throuigh at competitive levels of play.

    it may be the best shot they will have…right now..this season coming up!

    it is important to watch the Broncos situation carefully to see whats up, the why of Mannings choice.

    as is always the case my intent is to win money and understanding all of this may just lead to some decent pay days

  14. mapoui says:

    on Tebows future?

    great popularity but Warren Sapp says it best. he cant throw the ball. build up points, pull points back.

    to play with Tebow as QB is painful football Sapp establishes. the defense must be super to keep the opposition down at all times, no mistakes, no nothing.

    that kind of pressure would be too great and Sapp would want out were Tebow his QB.

    Tebow fills seats etc…the whole evangelical bit. right! but he cant play, cant pass. and at some point it must be considered that losing and the attraction of one man wont balance out..unless that man is actualy good at whats involved

    I have nothing emotional on the line here. it just seems quite illogical to me, that in a league in which QB levels are high and the winning standard is well known… relative to the current winners…why Tebow would find employment in the first place.

    the ultimate draw is winning. that is what I have always been told..that it is a busines and the question is always..what have yu done for me lately

    now we have a substitute draw for winning….Tebow, an evangelical! its not winning anymore but a pretty christian boy?

    but its not my business really, not my concern. Tebow finds work good for him.

    but all the GMs in the league must win to keep their jobs and John Elway for one did not want t have anything to do with Tebow for obvious reasons. and in that there is little difference between him and I.

    given all this I dont see why..or how..Tebow will maintain himself in the NFL with the level of tallent as QB he has demonstrated.

    but in the end I have no crystal ball

  15. Temple3 says:

    @ mapoui:

    There is one flaw in your compelling argument. Not every franchise is equally committed to winning. Many franchises operate around financials, rather than wins. The budget, rather than the standings, drive the operation.

    Seattle Seahawks: 2 seasons with more than 10 wins in 35 years.
    Atlanta Falcons: 3 seasons with more than 10 wins in 45 years.
    Washington Redskins: 2 seasons with more than 10 wins in 80 yrs.

    There are many more. And, if it weren’t for the boon of new stadium construction and revenue sharing, the NFL would look just like MLB and the NBA. GM’s can keep jobs in the NFL without winning. They cannot keep jobs in the NFL without doing what the owners require.

    The Steelers have had 14 seasons of MORE than 10 wins since 1972 (plus 7 10-win seasons).

    Tebow can find work because there is a MARKET for his off-field “value.” This market will dry up in a few years, but don’t get it twisted…in a league where losing is entirely acceptable as long as you stay in the Black, Tebow allows franchises to get in the White at the same time.

  16. Temple3 says:

    Well — It’s a wrap. Tebow’s a Jet. Traded for a 4th rounder.

  17. Temple3 says:

    New York Jets: 4 seasons with more than 10 wins in 41 years.

    New stadium? Check.

    Media market? Check.

    No need for Tebow to perform on the field? Check.

    And the beat goes on.

  18. kos says:

    T3 –

    The surprising thing is, they want the evangical former Broncos starter, to take Brad Smith’s place in the Wildcat. Rex actually likes him. Sanchez just got rid of Brian Schottenheimer, and now he has to contend with this? There’s always drama with the Jets! It’s no wonder they haven’t sniffed a Super Bowl in 40+ years!

  19. Temple3 says:

    The Jets haven’t cracked through, but they sniffed the S.B. twice in the last 3 years. They lost the AFC Championship game in 2009 and 2010.

    BTW, as a non-passing football player, Tebow’s addition to the Jets makes perfect sense. Sparano will draw it up and they’ll go from there.

    The Jets missed Brad Smith last year on offense and special teams. Will Tebow get to play special teams, too?

    Linsanity and Tebowmania in the same city???

    Let the Madison Avenue Choir say “Amen!!”

  20. ch555x says:

    Goodell dropped a bomb in NO…ouch!

  21. mapoui says:

    excellent Temple…as usual! it win-win with you..even in opposition.
    now I know..that is put it together.

    I had what yu have explained clearly before but it never took root as as an operating principle of the NFL in my mind. it has now!


  22. Burundi says:

    Schlereth called it “disastrous” for the Jets, claiming that Tebow created a circus-iike atmosphere that undermined Orton and forced mgt’s hand. He said that when Sanchez throws a pick, brace yourself for the Tebow chants.

    Kos mentioned earlier how Brad Smith was missed this past year and how Tebow may fill that need.

    Revenue-sharing enables the financials that Temple pointed out, which, by the numbers, certainly seems unassailable.

    NYC fans and media, quick to call performers “Bums” moreso than anywhere else, will find themselves in the twilight zone.

    I don’t feel that most fans will be calling for Tebow—and, I think that Sparano will be incorporating Tebow in the ‘Cat with great frequency. The easy way to do that from time to time will be to have him play some H-Back of Tight end so that plays can be run w/o having Tebow come out of the game.

  23. kos says:

    Burundi –

    This is one situation that may not hurt Sanchez as much if he throws picks or have a bad game. Even with Brian Schottenheimer as his OC last year, Sanchez completed 56.7% of his passes. Doesn’t sound great, until you look at the other guy and see he completed only 46.5% of his passes. Also remember, this is the AFC East, not the mediocre AFC West from last year.

    The one thing about Brad Smith in the Wildcat, he was much more of a threat because he was an excellent thrower as well as runner. I’m not sure if that will be the situation now when the Jets go to it.

  24. mapoui says:

    should the difference in Goodells treatment of ‘Bountygate’ and ‘Spygate’ be alarming?

    the Book goes at Payton but Beliechek and the Patriots get slapped on the wrist! evidence destroyed and all that!


    (btw: my argument wasnt compelling {unless tongue in cheek} threadbare and incopmplete? sure! )

  25. Burundi says:


    I agree with your assessment, as you’re right, the AFC West didn’t compare with the AFC East—and, Denver backed into the playoffs with even that. Because Sanchez has shown flashes of putting it all together, he may make the jump to render Tebow an afterthought. Saw stat comparisons of Sanchez with Eli at the same points of their careers and the numbers were comparable. Then, Eli made the jump. Perhaps, the Tebow acquisition will propel Sanchez to seriously focus and make the jump. While I have ragged on Sanchez in prior posts, his playoff wins makes his making the jump more probable than not. Those wins, actually, should enable him to psychologically hold Tebow at bay despite some calls from the peanut gallery. Additionally, you’re spot on that Tebow isn’t the passer Brad is so that does make some of those type plays infinitely more shaky.