No (Zimmerman) Blood, No (Martin) Foul…Right?!?!?

Exclusive footage the night of Trayvon Martin’s murder shows George Zimmerman being brought into custody in handcuffs but without the bloody wound to the back of his head and the broken nose he claimed to have suffered at the hands of Martin prompting his “self-defense” claim.

Nearly twenty years after the L.A. Riots, we’re standing at the brink…

2 Responses to “No (Zimmerman) Blood, No (Martin) Foul…Right?!?!?”

  1. ch555x says:

    My hot-headed self in regards to issues such as this thinks this whole saga is for the slow or dim-witted. Otherwise, this case (and other cases) would’ve ended with some sort of charge/conviction already…SMH!

  2. Miranda says:

    Who were the medics that attended to Zimmerman at the scene?? Jesus and John the Baptist??