The Starting Five Reader’s Sportsblot: Friday March 30, 2012

This scene or movie NEVER gets too old!

5 Responses to “The Starting Five Reader’s Sportsblot: Friday March 30, 2012”

  1. ch555x says:

    LOL…This movie has been showing on a few channels through my cable as of late (including the sequels). Yeah, I have from time to time tuned in to watch and it never gets old. Having “Mary Jane” as company is a bonus…LOL!

    Tiny and Duncan are freakin’ jacked…O_o

  2. Temple3 says:

    Surprised you guys are all “Mums and Gums” on McNabb’s fireball to the guts of Shike Manahan and his boy Kyle. Of course, it’s a meaningless story, but for those who questioned Mac5’s willingness to speak on his own behalf, it appears that he may just be the most patient man in America.

    I think he’s officially set fire to Massa’s house with this measured and thoughtful criticism of the Aging Genius Boy. No more Chunky Soup for YOU!

  3. ch555x says:


    I heard a quick blurb (PTI?) about McNabb’s comments regarding Shanny and the treatment RGIII may receive if drafted. I’m surprised The League hasn’t said much about their alleged version of Bounty-Bowl…

  4. Temple3 says:

    Speaking of Mums and Gums — nothing on the Celtics long and mighty walk into first place and the ephemeral genius of Doc Rivers?

    I know y’all Philly, the 76ers, and Coach Collins, but it looks as if the bloom may be coming off the rose for a bit. What’s the word down there? Are the Knicks next to pass that slow-moving tour bus in the right lane or will the Sixers find themselves in time to get a favorable matchup in the post-season?

    @ch555x: has been talking about the Saints for weeks.

  5. Burundi says:

    Read what McNabb was quoted as saying, which seems to be a resignation that he will not be offered work anymore within the NFL (no way that I’d have the stomach to watch him debating on BSPN, as the notion of him not playing when straight-up bums are still playing remains beyond appalling). Bet if he was given a “do-over” that he wouldn’t have gone to the ‘Skins (should’ve checked out how Doug Williams was given the bum’s rush outta DC the following year of his SB win.). It sounds, however, like he consulted with Jake Plummer, after-the-fact, before he excoriated the Shannys. Hopefully, Team RGIII takes a page out of Elway & Eli’s playbook and balks at being drafted by the ‘Skins, seeing as how both of the aforementioned QBs won two SBs each after spurning the Browns and the Bolts, respectively. That omen should speak volumes. Can’t be surprised that McNabb hadn’t spoken out before, while playing, considering how Aaron Brooks was “whiteballed.”

    Lastly, I’m comfortable that McNabb’s SB legacy was stolen, league-sanctioned, mind you, by the Patriot Act Era (with owner Robert Kraft allegedly supplying planes for the U.S. Gov’t to use during “Extraordinary Rendition”) Patriots of Videogate infamy, but he and the Philly faithful aren’t the only victims, as the dubious application of the “Tuck Rule” in 2001 suggests. However, once again, I’ll pass on watching him on BSPN.