Blazers Fire Nate McMillan and A Full List of NBA Trades

Posted in Blogroll on March 16th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

Preseason, I had LaMarcus Aldridge a MVP candidate and Portland coming out of the Western Conference. I thought the addition of Jamal Crawford would give them enough pop to hang with OKC. Didn’t happen and after getting New York Knicks blasted by 42 points, the Trail Blazers brass felt a move was necessary. McMillan was Portland’s head coach since ’05-’06 and was 266-269. One of the league’s best coaches, Nate McMillan won’t be unemployed long. Before Portland, McMillan was head coach of Seattle Supersonics. He’s 478-452 overall as a NBA head coach. Greg Oden waived today as well in Portland. To the trades…

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Mike D’Antoni Resigns As New York Knicks Head Coach

Posted in Blogroll on March 15th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

It was all good just a couple of weeks ago…

After a 7 game winning streak where everyone and their grand kids thought of unique ways to use Jeremy Lin’s name was snapped, folks were wondering out loud if Mike D’Antoni’s (121-167 in NY) days coaching the Knicks were numbered. Well in what is being called a mutual decision, D’Antoni and the Knicks have parted ways. Former Atlanta Hawk head coach Mike Woodson, of the Larry Brown coaching tree, takes over on an interim basis. He has 24 games to turn the season around. The now 18-24 Knicks clawed back into Atlantic Division contention, centered around Lin’s meteoric shocking of the NBA scene, but losing 8-10 in New York changed everything. Interesting is the timing considering D’Antoni had 24 games left in the last year of his contract. You will hear many say D’Antoni’s departure has everything to do with Carmelo Anthony….

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Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson and DeSean Jackson Sign Deals

Posted in Blogroll on March 14th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

Megatron got that quarterback money

A bunch of receivers made moves this day. Dolphins Brandon Marshall traded to Chicago was a power move by Bears brass. To the signings…

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NFL Free Agency Begins As The NBA Trade Deadline Looms

Posted in Blogroll on March 14th, 2012 by Ron Glover

Vincent Jackson opens up the free agent market for wide receivers as he signs with the Tampa Bay Bucs for 5 years and $55 million.

Dwight Howard has been offered to have the final say in who stays and who goes in the Orlando Magic’s front office if he returns to the Magic kingdom. After last night’s 104-98 overtime victory over the Miami Heat, Howard (24 points 25 rebounds) informed the Magic that he will finish out the season in a Magic uniform.

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Randy Moss Signs One Year Deal With San Francisco 49’ers

Posted in Blogroll on March 13th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

Depending on incentives, Moss will earn between 2.5 and 4 million

Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, a maturing Michael Crabtree, an inspired Randy Moss to go along with that defense?  My goodness. There’s one more move the Niners should make to put themselves in position to win it all. Sign Peyton Manning (if SF is able to work him out  and he’s healthy obviously) This team would be contenders without Moss but if he’s able to get the ball? Confetti rain…

Black Head Coaches At The Forefront Of The NCAA Tournament

Posted in Blogroll on March 13th, 2012 by Ron Glover

ACC Coach of the Year Leonard Hamilton of the ACC Champion Florida State Seminoles (24-9 – 3rd Seed in East Region) heads an emerging basketball program in a region revered for its national powers on the gridiron. And in the talent-rich ACC -a basketball conference traditionally run by the bluebloods of Duke and North Carolina. But in his 10th season in Tallahassee, Hamilton’s Seminoles blew out the Tarheels and shocked the Blue Devils in the regular season, only to defeat both teams again on consecutive days to win their first ACC Basketball Championship.

Hamilton heads an impressive list of Black coaches who plan to make more than just a “good showing” in this year’s NCAA Tournament.

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The Starting Five Reader’s Sportsblot For March 12, 2012

Posted in Blogroll on March 12th, 2012 by Ron Glover

man, male, person, woman, female, 3d, render, think, thinking, bubble

Thanks for the feedback on this feature. Once again there is a photo on the other side of this post, no caption or words. Give us your feelings in twenty words or less.

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Ronda Rousey, MMA, and You

Posted in Blogroll on March 11th, 2012 by Okori Wadsworth


Warning. At one point in this article you will see someone discussing a grisly injury. If this is something uncomfortable for you, please accept my apology.

The thing about MMA, in and of itself, is that it’s based upon a combination of extreme levels of violence and also extreme levels of skill. To participate in the sport and be successfull, you can’t be the stereotypical bar-brawling tough guy some of MMA’s critics have decried the common-day MMA athlete as being. But in that same vein, you have to have both a high pain personal threshold and an equally high pain tolerance for your opponent. Simply put, you have to be willing to suffer as much as you are willing to make your opponent suffer. That brings us to this weekend’s Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate fight from Strikeforce.


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Yeah…Gerald Green Really Did That…

Posted in Blogroll on March 11th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

Uh…better than blowing out a candle on a cup cake son…

March Madness 2012: Will Anthony Davis Go Pervis On The NCAA Field?

Posted in Blogroll on March 9th, 2012 by Ron Glover

We’re two days from Selection Sunday of the Men’s NCAA Tournament. With the conference tournaments are in full swing around the country. Who are your #1 seeds? (I’ll take Kentucky, Syracuse, UNC and Mizzou) What otherwise deserving team gets the shaft for not winning their conference tournament? (Drexel University) Who is/are your under the radar squad(s)? (UNLV, Temple, Marquette) Finally, who do you have cutting the nets down in New Orleans on April 2nd? (I’ll take Syracuse)

Evan Turner, Sixers Erupt In 103-71 Blowout Of Boston Celtics

Posted in Blogroll on March 8th, 2012 by Ron Glover

(Howard Smith, US Presswire)


Last night Evan Turner gave the Sixers fans what they had been waiting for.

The oft-maligned #2 pick in last year’s draft scored a career-high 26 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in the Sixers 103-71 rout of the Boston Celtics at the Wells Fargo Center. Collins confirmed last night that barring injury, Turner will be the starter for the remainder of the season.

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Derrick Rose Goes BANG!

Posted in Blogroll on March 8th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

Derrick Rose’s line: 30 Wilts, 8 Barkleys, 11 Magics, 1 Iverson, 1 Russell and one Michael Jordan over Brandon Jennings

Peyton Manning To Be Released By The Indianapolis Colts

Posted in Blogroll on March 7th, 2012 by Ron Glover

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has announced a press conference scheduled for tomorrow to confirm that the organization and franchise quarterback Peyton Manning have decided to “part ways” – ending the certain first ballot hall of famer’s 14 years with the Colts.

How does this effect the upcoming free agency period and the NFL Draft?

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The Starting Five Reader’s Sportsblot

Posted in Blogroll on March 6th, 2012 by Ron Glover

Sorry if you missed the first installment of the TSF Reader’s Sportsblot. What we’re doing is posting a sports related photograph on the other side – no captions or words will be attached. You the reader in 20 words or less will describe what you see and/or feel when you see the photo.

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Brandon Jennings Goes For 33 As Sixers Lose Scrap With Milwaukee Bucks 97-93

Posted in Blogroll on March 6th, 2012 by Ron Glover

(Associated Press)

Udrih hits late jumper, Bucks beat 76ers 97-93

The Sixers won every critical  statistical battle against the Milwaukee Bucks last night, but ultimately lost the war as Brandon Jennings poured in 33 points and 7 assists to lead the Bucks to a 97-93 victory. Beno Udrih broke a 93-93 tie with a 15 footer to but the Bucks ahead for good.

Lou Williams led the Sixers with 26 points.  

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