The Shameful Cover-Up For Bobby Petrino

What started out as a one-person motorcycle accident involving Arkansas head football coach Bobby Petrino has turned into a campus rocking bombshell that has the Arkansas athletic department weighing wins against character.

Have we learned anything from Penn State?


When an unnamed couple found Bobby Petrino thrown from his motorcycle in a roadside ditch with broken ribs and other injuries they discovered that 25 – year old Jessica Dorrell who works in the Arkansas football offices was a passenger of Petrino’s. The couple transported Dorrell (engaged) and Petrino (married with four) children to an intersection where she left in her own vehicle and Petrino was picked up by Capt. Lance King of the Arkansas State Police and taken to he hospital. It must be noted that King told reporters that he was alone at the time of the accident and that he works security for the Razorbacks during the season.

An officer that was dispatched to do a fugitive pickup was told to drop that assignment and go to the Petrino accident scene.

Dorrell has not been seen or heard from since the accident. As for Petrino, he has been placed on paid leave and left to stew in the lies and deceit that he has fed to the Arkansas Police, his boss Arkansas A.D. Jeff Long and most importantly his wife and children – possibly facing greater repercussions down the line.

The University of Arkansas Athletic Department as well as the Razorback Nation seem to be weighing the inappropriate actions of Petrino against his resurrecting of a once downtrodden football program. In three seasons, Petrino has led the Razorbacks to a 34-17 record and Bowl appearances the last three seasons. This season Arkansas finished the 2011 season with a #5 ranking and a victory over Kansas State in the AT&T Cotton Bowl. The argument among the Razorback faithful is why should Petrino’s off-the-field actions be a deciding factor in whether he coaches or not – as long as the wins keep coming. A thought that the Arkansas athletic department is obviously entertaining while Arkansas State Police dig into the police report…eight days later.

White privilege is alive and kicking.


6 Responses to “The Shameful Cover-Up For Bobby Petrino”

  1. ch555x says:

    It’s almost comedic, especially with the pics. I skimmed the ESPiNners board and they’re pulling out all sorts of stuff. Whatever gram of seriousness I take with these cats has been blown away by the breeze…LOL!

  2. Miranda says:

    Well giving your ho $20k and a job with you is never really good idea is it?

  3. RBD says:

    Petrino fired.

  4. Miranda says:

    Anyone else heard that rumor that perhaps it wasn’t so much a motorcycle accident as it was a beatdown by his mistress’s fiancee? When you think about it, how did he wind up looking like something from a old cartoon fight and she doesn’t get a scratch? From a motorcycle accident? Nothing? She didn’t get a sprain or cut?

  5. Temple3 says:

    I haven’t heard that, but I did have the same thought.

  6. RBD says:

    Maybe she was wearing a helmet. Clearly, he was not.
    I don’t think Petrino’s feeling the protection that his W-L record was supposed to provide.
    Crisis Management 101: When you know you have been in an accident with a mistress, do not call a press conference, spew lies and blatantly declare that you were the one passenger.