Did LeBron James Lock Up the MVP Last Night?

The Miami Heat are 12-1 without Dwyane Wade…

The 8 year vet is shooting a career high 52.9% from the field. In fact, besides the ’06-’07 season, LeBron has improved his field percentage every year. Last night in New Jerz…with Wade sitting out…James scored the last 17 points for the Heat after being down most of the game (NJ led for 47 minutes) Miami pulled out the win 101-98.

He had 37 points, 7 helpers and 6 boards. LBJ was 14-15 from the line. The 12-1 without Wade stat will be overblown because I don’t think there’s a logical person alive that says the Heat are better without the true baller. Yes it came vs. the lowly nets without Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace, but a closer in this game LeBron James was. Did he lock up the MVP last night? If not, who do you have? We asked the question halfway through this grueling season (at that point I would have went with Kobe Bryant). Has anything changed?


8 Responses to “Did LeBron James Lock Up the MVP Last Night?”

  1. Okori Wadsworth says:

    Kevin Durant is still in the running. Darkhorse candidate: Chris Paul.

  2. Gregory , D says:

    If another player Kobe, or KD. Would have had
    LBJ numbers , there would. E no mention of
    anybody else’s name ,
    Labron, the numbers don”t lie , and his defense all my
    goodness , he should be the DEfensive player of the year.

    However , people like skip bayless uses every waking. moment
    of his life hating on James , for reason known only to
    to him , If Labron does not win it , it will be reason other than basketball., And that would be horrible and disgrace .

  3. Temple3 says:

    Didn’t they play the New Jersey Nets?

    You can’t wrap up an MVP against a bottom feeder.

    I don’t think there will be a single game that does it, but on merit he should have claimed the award for this season some time ago.

    I’d like to see Tyson Chandler get some serious consideration for DPOY. That’s his primary focus and he plays a different role on the Knicks. Still, a very strong argument can be made for James.

    I hope Miami is getting some version of “rest” right now because it’s going to be a long, winding road to the Finals if James and Wade don’t get significant help from a lot of places down the stretch.

  4. Vinny Hardy says:

    You said it yourself. It came against the lowly Nets. Not hating but that’s not enough to lock up an MVP. Had he had this performance against any potential playoff team in the league, then maybe, but not against the Nets.

    As for the MVP, I still have KD. Nothing has changed.

  5. TheLastPoet says:

    We know that Lebron left Cleveland for Miami so that he could get “help” (from DWade and Bosh) winning a championship. But the truth is that winning is hard, doesn’t matter if it’s DWade playing Robin to your Batman, or Anderson Verajao. Here is another truth: Lebron is better when he is able to go for delf and doesn’t have to share the mic with a million other emcees. He’s working just as hard now as he was in Cleveland, but had he stayed, he would’ve had the greater appreciation of fans (and sportswriters) who are always quick to recognize his otherworldly talent whenever he goes off like this. And for all that, he could’ve – and should’ve – stayed in Cleveland.

    Shid vacay in South Beach like the rest of the kids lol!

  6. TheLastPoet says:

    Alla that and I didn’t answer your question.. No he didn’t win the MVP last night because he shpould’ve already won it mased on the complete body of work he’s put in this season.

    And that’s coming from someone (me) who thinks Kevin Durant has far (yes, I said “far”) superior basketball skills and talent than does Lebron. But Lebron James is a freak of nature, and as long as he’s young, in his prime, and can dominate the game physically the way he does, then the trophy is his to lose, every year..