Dwight Howard and the Magical Land of Unreasonable Doubt

Posted in Blogroll on April 21st, 2012 by Michael Tillery

I personally believe Stan Van Gundy is a good coach. Stuff happens…

Do you remember the stories of John Elway, Eli Manning and Danny Ainge? Three rebels forcing their way out of organizations they didn’t want to play for. Bad public relations followed but none of the three became known for disaffected moments and seemed to change public perception before ultimately winning championships with their new teams. In Manning and Elway’s case, they rose to eminence and Ainge, for all it’s worth, isn’t doing so bad himself. Different circumstances all around but you should get the idea. Now, it’s Dwight Howard’s turn. He has become the hated and most think it’s of his own doing. How will this turn out? Will Dwight Howard remain a fan favorite…particularly with the kids…or will his reputation be forever stained even if he wins a championship with the Magic, elsewhere or not?

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