Canton Bound: Brian Dawkins Retires from the NFL After Sixteen Seasons with Eagles and Broncos

Posted in Blogroll on April 23rd, 2012 by Michael Tillery

There was no better teammate than Brian Dawkins…

One of the most beloved athletes to play professionally in Philadelphia, Brian Dawkins retires from the NFL after 16 seasons with the Eagles and Broncos. The Jacksonville, Florida native out of Clemson University tweeted the news. The heat seeking safety will be remembered as one of the most motivated teammates and also one of the most ferocious hitters ever to play the sport. The team was always first with Dawkins. The 9 time Pro Bowl defensive back cried after losses. I’ve seen him cry on the podium. Football meant that much to him but he is more than a football player to those he impacted…

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Worst Case Scenarios: The Miami Heat

Posted in Blogroll on April 23rd, 2012 by Okori Wadsworth

Let’s be clear about something before we go any further. Along with the Chicago Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Miami Heat are the favorites to win the NBA Championship. These are the facts, and they are indisputable. But despite that fact, or maybe even because of it as we will discover later, all three of these favorites have flaws, reasons why they could very easily not win the championship in June. But as I thought about this further, the flaws for the Heat are worthy of their own post.

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Gerald Green: Back From The Brink

Posted in Blogroll on April 23rd, 2012 by Ron Glover

(Louis DeLuca/Dallas Morning News/MCT)

Nets Dallas Mavericks.JPG

The Gerald Green story could’ve ended with him hidden in the obscurity of professional basketball leagues abroad — light years away from the 18th pick of the Boston Celtics of the 2005 NBA Draft. Instead, Green has rebounded from an embarrassing exile from the NBA and is looking to forward to cashing in on free agency this summer.

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