Notes from TNT’s Coverage of the NBA Playoffs – Sunday, April 29, 2012: Will Rajon Rondo be suspended? Should he?

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(Matthew West | AP)

“Dude…now what am damn I gonna do with all those Game 2 tickets?”

Why didn’t Marc Davis simply call a jump ball?

Any of us who have hooped on any level know there is a presence of some refs. We know as soon as they walk into the building by that damn “Damn! This cat…” we let out. It affects the game. You try to forget  it and focus on executing but when they blow that cotdamn whistle for some dumb shit you chill and continue playing. When they do it the second time there is a glare and by the third time there is a physical reaction of sorts. Fans need to understand refs are human to and bias becomes a part of their performance sometimes as well. Dwil (D.K. Wilson) and I were talking earlier and he said the grade system of refs should be made public. I totally agree. It’s a needed check and balance. This in no way absolves any player but the punishment should be doled out accordingly in regards to officials as well…in all sports….

Yeah yeah it’s a rule: “Any player or coach guilty of intentional physical contact with an official shall automatically be suspended without pay for one game. A fine and/or longer period of suspension will result if circumstances so dictate.”

TNT’s coverage of the 2012 NBA Playoffs continues Monday, April 30, at 7 p.m. ET with a doubleheader featuring the New York Knicks @ Miami Heat (Game 2) followed by the Orlando Magic @ Indiana Pacers (Game 2). I’ll have a playoff preview with player season quotes I collected and predictions up tonight before the games begin tomorrow. Have a great week folks.

**Addendum 5:15 pm est. Rondo suspended for Game 2.**

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TSF Tip-Off For Monday April 30, 2012: Andrew Bynum Hosts Block Party As Los Angeles Lakers Rout Denver Nuggets; Los Angeles Clippers Rally From 27 Down To Stun Memphis Grizzlies

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(Robert Gauthier/LA Times)

Danilo Gallinari, Andrew Bynum

Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum tied an NBA playoff record with 10 blocked shots in the Los Angeles Lakers 103-88 victory over the Denver Nuggets in Game 1 of their first round series. Bynum also recorded 10 points and 13 rebounds giving the Lakers their first playoff triple-double since Magic Johnson in the 1991 NBA Finals. Kobe Bryant led all scorers with 31 points.

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