In Game 3, Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes Propel Sixers Past Bulls 79-74

Posted in Blogroll on May 5th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

The Sixers lost many games late this season…behind these clutch free throws, that dubious fact was not to be last night…

In a series where few are speaking in terms of a number one seed vs. a number eight, the Philadelphia 76’ers gained home court advantage in defeating the depleted Chicago Bulls 79-74. Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes the stars. In Game 2, Philly won because of a 36-14 third quarter. Last night it was a 28-14 fourth. This was a game the Sixers most likely had to win if it were to have a chance to move on to the second round. Probably the biggest playoff win since the Sixers went up 2-1 on the Magic in ’09. I’ve  been lucky to have covered both. Last night was incredible and in the words following, I tried to give you the game through my eyes. There is video of Julius Erving’s press conference as well. Big news for Philadelphia 76’ers fans.

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