Durant and Westbrook help Thunder rout Lakers; Holiday and Sixers steal one in Boston (With TNT Notes)

Posted in Blogroll on May 15th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

Holiday is growing into a star by the second

The Lakers got caught. Simple as that. Westbrook was making turnaround bank shots. Come man…

I picked the Lakers in 6 because of their experience and size advantage inside. I said so because I thought Andrew Bynum would be up for the test. The Lakers obviously will have problems with Durant and Westbrook. As one of the TNT guys says below, Kobe Bryant will most likely guard Westbrook from the gun. Like I said after the 29 point blowout, 4 games is not won in one. You know damn well the Lakers will come out with fire in Game 2.

In Boston, the Sixers just stayed close. Covering this team, I notice something different. Yes, they still get tight at times, but Andre Iguodala is impressing me. He’s showing a confidence and also leadership I haven’t seen him show this season (more vocal on the floor). He’s taking big shots in rhythm and making them. Elton Brand is not 100% but he’s also hitting shots, playing great D and also leading out there on the floor. Jrue Holiday is becoming a force. Evan Turner hit big free throws and the Sixers as a whole defied what they did all year and converted big attempts at the stripe.  The Sixers are capable and trust me, Philly will be rocking Wednesday. Expect the Celtics to step it up a notch. Should be a classic.

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TSF Tip-Off For Tuesday May 15, 2012: What’s Your Feeling On The Conference Shifting In The NCAA’s?

Posted in Blogroll on May 15th, 2012 by Ron Glover

Just when it looked like everything was about to settle down it looks as if another major college power is on the move to another conference. Athletic officials at Florida State University are considering a move from the ACC where they have been since 1991 to the Big 12. There has been no formal discussion between Florida State and Big 12 officials.

What’s your feeling on the steady realignment of the college sports landscape?

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