TSF Tip-Off 5/24/2012 (featuring Mobb Deep): Why do we love Allen Iverson?

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Last night Allen Iversonreturned to Philadelphia to a maddening ovation prior to the Sixers Game 6 match up against the Boston Celtics. It was enough to almost take me there emotionally. Of course there are those that want to take jabs at his alleged financial troubles. As for me, I was just happy to see him in that red, white and blue once again.

Why do we love Allen Iverson so much?

 The Second coming of A.I – He should’ve never been traded!

There are a few reasons why fans in Philadelphia and beyond share such an affinity for Iverson:

  • His humble beginnings are something that many of us can relate to in some form or another. Just coming up with the deck stacked against him the way it was is enough to garner respect from anyone.
  • Standing at about 5’11”, Iverson is far from a physically imposing figure blending right in with the rest of us.
  • Iverson’s passion is something that I marvel at. Whether he’s laying into a reporter or letting his emotional guard down, shedding tears as he donned a Sixers jersey a second time, Iverson has always kept his heart in the display window.
  • Bucking the system may be one of the reasons Iverson’s NBA career was shortened. Whether it was not backing down to against Michael Jordan, his dress code or practice issues Iverson marched to his own beat. Not caring how it sounded to anyone else.
  • It didn’t matter if he came in at six in the morning, missed practice and arrived just before tip-off, if Iverson was in uniform he gave us all he had, all the time. Never dogging it, and after his antics got old, we were still willing to live with it because we knew he was worth it.

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