TSF Tip-Off for 5/25/12 (featuring Talib Kweli): Why do the Miami Heat generate so much hate?

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Since his arrival in Miami LeBron James has become the target of the media, fans and even some of his NBA peers. The former Cleveland Cavaliers star utilized his free agent status to the max, linking up with Dwayne Wade in Miami to be joined later by Toronto Raptors free agent Chris Bosh.

I know it’s one think to dislike a team, but to hear and read some of the irrational statements being spewed about teeters on the edge of all out hate.

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No matter how the deck is stacked against the Miami Heat in these 2012 NBA Playoffs, they’ve managed to complete the royal flush.

The hate train began its trek in New York City, with the Knicks and their fans looking for a first round upset until Iman Schumpert tore his ACL in Game 1,  putting a dent in the Knicks chances. Amar’e Stoudemire extinguished all hope with a left hook to a welcoming glass case after the Knicks dropped Game 2.

So it was on to Indiana for round 2, where the Heat lose Chris Bosh in Game 1 with an abdominal strain and Bosh did not return for the remainder of the series.

The upstart Pacers took it upon themselves to come at the Heat verbally and physically, much to the delight of fans who wanted to see the Heat, Get what was coming to them. What started out as chirping, turned physical real quick. It started with the Pacers Louis Amundson opening up a cut above the eye of Miami’s Udonis Haslem in Game 4. Tyler Hansbrough would do the same to Dwayne Wade in Game 5 drawing a Flagrant 1 foul. Moments later Haslem would level Hansbrough with a hard foul that drew another Flagrant 1. Not to be outdone Heat center Dexter Pittman dropped LeBron James antagonist Lance Stephenson with an elbow to the throat prompting a third Flagrant foul in the game. Stephenson gave  James a choke sign after James missed a technical free throw in Game 3.

Four fouls, four players and two Heat players suspended. Why suspend any one? No fights broke out – just good physical ball.  Of course the Indiana faithful figured that this was an automatic ticket to Game 7  with the Heat front court short two players.

Funny how the lead antagonist Danny Granger stayed clear of the paint area unless it was for a breakaway dunk. The NBA’s newest fake tough guy talked the entire series and rented space in no one’s head but his own. Mind games don’t win in the NBA Playoffs – ask your GM.

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We must protect all of our children in these perilous times…


One Response to “TSF Tip-Off for 5/25/12 (featuring Talib Kweli): Why do the Miami Heat generate so much hate?”

  1. HarveyDent says:

    I understand how the game is played in the NBA today when it comes to sending a physical message. I can even applaud it in some cases but I will say that the NBA front office was wrong for not heading off what happened between the Heat and the Pacers before it all started. The Pacers and their coach, Vogel, popped a lot of trash about playing physical before the first game and only a simp would think that didn’t mean they weren’t going to cross the line. Wade and Haslem got stitches along with Danny Granger having three consecutive games with technicals but when the Heat players bowed up and reminded them that men play on the other side of the ball then all of a sudden the NBA swoops in with suspensions.

    Didn’t help did it.

    I hope they’ll be waiting when Philly comes to town (yeah, I said it).