Rondo goes Magic and Isiah but Celtics fall in OT to Heat 115-111

Posted in Blogroll on May 31st, 2012 by Michael Tillery

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Rajon Rondo. All 53 minutes, 44 points on 16-24 from the field, 10-12 from the stripe, 2-2 from the arc, 8 boards, 10 dimes and 3 steals.

Damn. From the point guard position, the only two names who have approached those numbers, before Oscar of course, (regular season contest and just 4011 saw Wilt and Oscar go at it) go by one name…Magic and Isiah. Y’all let Steve Nash rob the league of two MVP trophies and Rajon Rondo makes history in almost every playoff game (he ain’t no slouch in the regular season as well) and barely gets a post season award mention? Whatever you’re smoking voters, don’t pass it because I don’t want any of that trash. Don’t give me the bs excuse that he can’t shoot either. He’s a point guard who guarded LeBron on game winning attempt. One of the best leaders the game has ever seen and definitely on a thunderous collision course for the Hall of Fame whether you write it or not. The messed up part is Rondo’s magnificent performance came in a loss. A hard fought loss. As usual, LeBron James (he called for the ball and did it with confidence on last shot) and Dwyane Wade were just too much and Boston took an L, 115-111. Miami leads the Eastern Conference Finals 2-0.

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TSF Tip-Off for 5/31/12 (featuring A Tribe Called Quest): Will Anthony Davis usher in a defensive era of NBA basketball?

Posted in Blogroll on May 31st, 2012 by Ron Glover

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With the New Orleans Hornets being awarded (and I use that term loosely) the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft next month, it looks as if Kentucky’s Anthony Davis will be selected by new Hornets owner David…I mean Tom Benson.

Davis has been lauded for being a game-changing player that doesn’t need to take a shot. Is Anthony Davis the beginning of a defensive revolution in the NBA?

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