TSF Tip-Off for 5/31/12 (featuring A Tribe Called Quest): Will Anthony Davis usher in a defensive era of NBA basketball?

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With the New Orleans Hornets being awarded (and I use that term loosely) the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft next month, it looks as if Kentucky’s Anthony Davis will be selected by new Hornets owner David…I mean Tom Benson.

Davis has been lauded for being a game-changing player that doesn’t need to take a shot. Is Anthony Davis the beginning of a defensive revolution in the NBA?

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For all the emphasis that has been placed on defense in this abbreviated NBA season it looks as if Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis is entering the league at the opportune time. At 6’10”, Davis has the wingspan of 7’3″. Add that to his nimble 220 lb. frame and you have a player that can cover more than his share of space. Of Davis’ 186 blocked shots last season, 15 were three-point attempts…which should give you an idea of how much of the floor he can get to.

Offensively, Davis is still a work in progress  not as raw as Dikembe Mutombo, but there is room for improvement. Davis isn’t what I would consider stiff or robotic and his experience as a guard will help with his mobility and enable him to create space. At 19, Davis will only get better as he picks up weight and develops an NBA frame.

Will Davis become the defensive cornerstone of a league that is shifting its emphasis more towards bringing in defensive stoppers? In Davis, the Hornets have a Killa Bee in waiting – ready to install his personal no-fly zone.

The Lineup:

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Supposedly taken three weeks ago…

Coincidence? How could it be?




Man, I miss these Bruthas…



6 Responses to “TSF Tip-Off for 5/31/12 (featuring A Tribe Called Quest): Will Anthony Davis usher in a defensive era of NBA basketball?”

  1. TheLastPoet says:

    Well, where you used the word “awarded” “loosely,” guess I’ma use it “tightly” and perhaps “ebonically” because when it comes to its lottery, the NBA be on sum ol bullshit!

    Straight up.

    Can you imagine the behind-closed-doors sales pitch to greedy billionaire whitefolk?

    Stern: hey you, Mr. Obscenely Rich White Person, buy my team today and get #1 pick on the house…

    How come nobody calls Stern out on this mess? Yes, I hate flopping as much as the next person, but for us to be acting like the art of flopping, or Linsanity trying to skirt the Bird Rules, or “Niggas in London” Olympics 2012, or some other ol red herring bullshit is the most pressing NBA issue on the business side is damned ridiculous when cats just happen to walk into league ownership with a #1 draft pick, again.

    Same thing happened when the last Obscenely Rich White Person bought the Washington Wizards (brought the team from Abe Pollin, who was one of Stern’s closest most personal home boys while he lived), he was “tightly awarded” with Mr. John Wall.

    Now I’m not crying for Michael Jordan or his woeful Bobcats, believe me, but rather for fairness and integrity, as general principles in our world. Does anybody feel me?

  2. Poet check the pic I just added. Should have shot it to Ron. Forgot I had it this morning.

  3. Temple3 says:

    @ LP:

    The press conference with Stern and Benson was one of those NAKED BUSINESS MOMENTS where they just used minimally coded language to talk about the process.

    For anyone who doesn’t understand this language, I’d strongly recommend the documentary called The Last Days of Lehman Brothers. It’s a UK production and it’s on youtube.

    Stern talked openly about how the NBA solicited Benson’s bid even though there were others in the mix. These professional sports associations are insider associations — they’re not public enterprises. They’re much like the Federal Reserve in that they appropriate the names of cities and states and masquerade as if they’re doing a service for the municipality when the opposite is usually the case.

    Benson talked about the NBA as if he were an outsider who was committed to winning, but who was also being charged a premium to own a franchise that might have come much cheaper under different circumstances.

    He purchased the team AFTER losing its single greatest asset. Don’t be surprised if the Hornets have a nice assemblage of talent on that squad in 2-3 years…not enough to win it all, but enough to make some noise.

  4. Ron Glover says:

    @Mizzo I saw it on your page last night with the Hornets hat allegedly taken a week ago.

  5. TheLastPoet says:

    Mike and T3,

    Your two posts are connected because even though neither Mr. Davis nor the white girl in the photo are affluent businesspersons or insiders charged with the unending perpetuation of private enterprise, nonetheless that photo was about as naked a business moment as you are likely to find…

    Thanks for sharing and I’m glad SOMEBODY’S feelin me!

  6. Temple3 says: