Tip-Off for 6/21/12 (featuring Mass Production): What happened to the thinking sports fan?

Social media gives us a great forum for discussions, rants and debates on sports. At the same time providing a compass, navigating us through the wilderness where many fans are being led. It’s unsettling at times to see how many fall in line with what’s it for now, continuously being fed a stale narrative.  

Facebook or Twitter during a sporting event is just as entertaining as the game itself at times. But when the Miami Heat take the court, business really picks up and all the attention turns to LeBron James. You have citizens of Cleveland who chime in and express their eternal hatred for him but praise a closet racist in Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. There are others that loathe that he handled free agency on his own terms and within the NBA structure. A young man who has taken his destiny by the balls as we’re taught to do from the first time we put our mind to something and the world has a problem with that!

Or is that only for white ball players?

I liken Facebook and Twitter to a school yard with James being the topic of discussion every time he walks by. Comments range from his mother to the width of his headband – and let’s not forget the jokes about his fading hairline.

And to think that some of these cracks come from respectable journalists who are duped into this nonsense by sophomoric adults, looking for a cheap thrill in the form of  a like or retweet from their favorite sports media personality.

Lol @ you #sheeple.

The Lineup:

Vince Young is the early leader for the Buffalo Bills backup QB spot (NFL.com).

The NHL may have the fastest turnaround of the 4 majors, schedule release next Thursday (CLNS Radio).

Steve Nash to consider signing with the Knicks (NBA.com).

Ever wonder why people are afraid of clowns (In Flex We Trust).

?uestlove of The Roots chimes in on the state of Hip Hop music (YouTube).

Famed sports artist Leroy Neiman passes away(Philly.com).

Percy Harvin wants to be traded, would you take him for your team (The Sports Fan Journal).

Ken Berger says it’s time to applaud LeBron James (CBS Sports.com).

Four-team playoff signals the end of he BCS (SI.com).

Read the written statement by George Zimmerman claiming Trayvon Martin jumped from out of the bushes (CNN).


Oh mommasitaaaa…

4 Responses to “Tip-Off for 6/21/12 (featuring Mass Production): What happened to the thinking sports fan?”

  1. michelle says:

    I AGREE!!!!!

  2. ks says:

    Well said!

  3. ks says:

    About tonight’s game, if Miami can stay as focused and keep taxing the rim and the boards as they have been all series then they are go to go. That was a nice move last game to let LBJ “point guard” from the post and it had the added benefit of keeping him in attack position offensively and good rebounding position.

  4. It’s over. If LeBron goes for 70 tonight to get this done I will not be shocked. Foot. On. Throat.

    These cats needs to rest before USA Basketball.