Tip-Off for 6/22/12 (featuring Ethel Cee and Dumhi): Which African-American athlete is next in line for media scrutiny?

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**Mizzo will be posting a LeBron James piece sometime this afternoon**

LeBron James is the most scrutinized, criticized athlete of all time. -ESPN’s Chris Broussard

I’m not sure how truthful that statement is but it carries plenty of weight behind it. LeBron James is officially an NBA champion but expect the malice to subside just a little. You can count on Skip Bayless to look for something with his minions hanging on his every word.

At some point people are going to get tired of riding James, especially if the titles begin to pile up. So my question is who’s next in the pecking order of scrutinized African-American athletes?

My guess is Cam Newton, who got a taste of what the press can be like in his final season at Auburn and in his first season with the Carolina Panthers. Newton is in a position to revolutionize the quarterback position and he knows it. Newton expressed his desire to be an iconic player before taking an NFL snap. He silenced critics at the NFL Combine, becoming the #1 overall pick despite being scrutinized for incidents that he had been cleared of while still at Auburn.  The only thing that matched Newton’s eye-popping rookie season was the swagger and confidence that he carried with him throughout the season.

Part of it was an obvious chip for doubters that saw him as nothing more than another running quarterback. Newton isn’t expected to duplicate his record-setting rookie season, but he better come damn close. Any major statistical drop off will bring out the pundits and so-called analysts who’ll say that they told us so.

I think Newton is well aware of that.

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Hot new artist coming out of Philly, introducing Ethel Cee..

8 Responses to “Tip-Off for 6/22/12 (featuring Ethel Cee and Dumhi): Which African-American athlete is next in line for media scrutiny?”

  1. ch555x says:

    Cam is an interesting choice and makes sense, given the current crop of the League/Association. A lot of this criticism is bigger than it should be. As for Gilbert…:|

  2. mapoui says:

    good win for Miami. The LeBron Project succeeds. whatever gains for players in that move likely secured.

    great play by LeBron himself

    but for me officiating and the poor work of Scott Brooks helped Miami more that they helped OKC. I dont know if those 2 factors were decisive but they weren’t insignifcant.

    whatever happened to the 2-2-1-1-1 play-offs game formula?

    2-3-2 helped Miami and prolly cut short a series that would have have featured at least 6 games..and prolly a different winner.

    A Heat fan I not

  3. RBD says:

    2-3-2 has been the format in the Finals only for several years. The reason, I presume, is that the championship series is the only one that pits one team from the Eastern Conference and one from the West.

  4. RBD says:

    Reduction of travel etc.

  5. Origin says:

    @RBD- this was done to help the media in the 80s due to the travel because the lakers and celtics met a few times in the finals. Just off the top of my head I think this new format started in 1987. Anyway I will have more later on who the next black villain will be.

  6. Origin says:

    Correction the format was changed in 85.

  7. People this LeBron piece is coming. Will definitely be up before tomorrow. I had to write it like a mag piece but a lot different than what you might expect.

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