LeBron James Gets His Ring: Long Live The KING!

Posted in Blogroll on June 25th, 2012 by Michael Tillery

His is a legacy for the duration…(read the piece first and get back to the links later)

I’ve written many pieces on LeBron James. The reactions to parties he’s thrown, before The Decision, what I thought he would do this year, the Ohio perspective while I was out there before his return with the Heat (one on that night is definitely coming), and asked others to chime in as well. So many pieces that I’m sure some will view me as a sycophantic hack. That is your choice. Nothing I can do about it and therefore none of my business. I’m a basketball fan, not a specific player fan and definitely not a drama fan. Can we watch basketball again please? Y’all turned the sport into something indurate, sick and twisted, missing and soulless but I guess that’s how y’all rock? After The Decision, America went hard on LBJ as if he was a killer of men. What was up with that? Why so much of a rabid response? He’s an athlete people. He’s no different than any top level professional in any genre. Their make up must be different because so many speak their names in love and hate. We should learn from them. Why did this one man get y’all so crazy eyed with mouths of foam? Peyton Manning ever get slammed, crushed…and with unmerciful reckless abandon poked and prodded of his postseason difficulties before he finally won? Hell no. This piece is for history. Can’t suck up to now. OK, let’s get to it then…

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