Tip-Off for 6/26/12 (featuring Public Enemy): Michael Vick is the NFL’s biggest jerk???


Michael Vick’s life has been nothing short of extraordinary since his release from prison. He’s the starting quarterback on a Super Bowl contender, a new shoe deal with Nike and he’s made good as an advocate for abused dogs. He’s even marrying his long time sweetheart who was by his side, for richer or for poorer.

But according to CBS Sports Mike Freeman, the American public has refused to let go of Vick’s past transgressions.

Before I go in on this, I will state that Mike Freeman is African-American which is really bothersome because I thought that most African-Americans (at least the ones that I know) understood the culture of dog fighting and why Vick was really sent to jail.

Freeman names players like Vick’s teammate DeSean Jackson, the Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh whom he labeled a dirty player, Antonio Cromartie and Brandon Marshall.

What’s more unnerving is his rationale for placing these players on this less than impressive list. I’m unsure if he’s trying to draw laughs or the ire of individuals with this outdated foolishness.

He offers honorable mentions to Ray Lewis, Adam Jones (still referring to him as Pac-Man Jones) Donte Stallworth, Randy Moss and O.J. Simpson.  These men have either paid or are in the process of paying whatever sentence the judicial system handed down to them.

I’m all for getting on a guy when he’s wrong, and that depends on how much of the truth we can piece together. But when time or justice has been served let it go. Up until a few months ago I thought the majority of bad press about African-American athletes fell from the pen of white journalists. The unnecessary scrutiny of LeBron James this season took journalism to a new low and African-American journalists led the charge because they were either:

  • Too afraid to stand out as defenders of James
  • Too busy trying to follow the path of a beaten narrative
  • Too stupid to realize that James did nothing wrong

I guess the pot really does call the kettle black.

The Lineup:

Adam Morrison has become the Matt Leinart of the NBA (Slam Online).

Kris Humphries should’ve kept it moving (In Flex We Trust).

Michigan State and UConn tip of Nov. 9th on German Air Base (ESPN).

Houston Rockets making moves before the draft (IamaGM).

Brooklyn Nets mascot developed by Marvel Comics (In Flex We Trust).

Gotta feel for Venus Williams (Real Cleat Sports).

Penn State football will never feel the fallout of the Sandusky trial. (The Daily Beast).

Larry Bird stepping down from Indiana Pacers (IndyStar.com).

79 children rescued in child prostitution sting (CNN).


The Real Black Superheroes have returned just in time!


22 Responses to “Tip-Off for 6/26/12 (featuring Public Enemy): Michael Vick is the NFL’s biggest jerk???”

  1. Temple3 says:

    I thought you knew about Mike Freeman. He’s a hack in black face who always takes a white supremacist angle. He was even busted for plagiarism. You should bust him out every chance you get, but be sure to post his record whenever he writes something so that we can all be crystal clear about who he is and who he is not. Don’t let the complexion fool you.

  2. Tony McClean says:

    What we have to understand is that “journalists” like Mr. Freeman, Stephen A. Smith, Mike Wilbon, and others of their kind are continuing a long standing tradition that goes back as far as the “house negro” in slavery days.

    For every black journalists that tries to keep it real, there will always be ones that feel the need to flaunt their own self-hatred and “sleep with the enemy.” We see it on all side of the media, whether it be sports, politics, or entertainment.

    The phrase I like to use is that “they serve their masters well”. Heavy emphasis on the word masters, because these folks also need validation from the very people who smile in their face while stabbing them and all of us in the back.

    The struggle continues

  3. Ron Glover says:

    Never knew it Temple, guess I was hoodwinked on this one. I will start to do my homework on these guys from here on out because this is a critical time and sides are being chosen without shame.

  4. I’ve gotten into it with Mike on a few occasions.

  5. Ron Glover says:

    @Mizzo, I feel that and if his rationale was because he had run ins with Vick that’s one thing, But he mentions nothing of the like and to keep rehashing the whole dogfighting thing with what white people still think today is poor journalism.

  6. That should say I’ve gotten into it with Mike Freeman via twitter. My bad.

  7. ch555x says:

    I don’t bother with the MSM’s narrative anymore. From sports to politics and anything in between. One can easily peruse Wikipedia to find a variety of global blood-sports that encompasses all sorts of cultures and groups, including the States (could probably do a Travel Channel show like Bizarre Foods or No Reservations).

    RE: Mich-St./UConn
    Weren’t their men’s squad placed on probation?

    RE: Houston
    Aside from Hakeem and McHale, what can the Rockets do with Howard?

    RE: Venus
    With 5 of those trophies, I won’t worry too much about Venus’ early exit.

  8. sankofa says:

    Mike Freeman, Stephen A. Smith, Mike Wilbon” are all bastard children that Uncle Ruckus had with Aunt Jemima. Every time they speak, just picture that one eyed “black hating racist” as they make farting sounds from their foul oriface.

    …Test tube babies….!

  9. mapoui says:

    interesting comments.

    what interests me is that currently Wilbon, Freeman, Smith and company represent increasing, dominant phenomena in black life globally.

    from an American black elite that Black Agenda Report calls a misleadership class … a description that can be extended to the elite classes and leaders of every black nation, nook and cranny in the world, with one or 2 possible exceptions..to ordinary people on the streets.

    on the streets where I live I do not know of 1 single black professional, who would be middle class,..who is in any way identified with black issues as people were back in the day of Malcolm and MLK..or identified with the struggle by today’s measurements.

    they are into the system..and about global black issues, crying out for attention they not only not interested..they do not care

    I observe the relationship between black men and women and from what I observe things have worsened on that score from the horrible state of times past that I am aware of.

    I can go on and on but one factor stands out mightily in a sea of trouble building up for black people the world over… in what I observe to be a time in which black people have turned almost totally into our own worst enemy..and that is the giveaway of the African continent to our enemies..by what passes for the African elite.

    since 2000 5% of the continent has been sequestered in this manner by foreign corporations and governments.

    there is a conference of investors at this very moment meeting somewhere pledging some billions for the development of African agricultural development.

    under that banner it is a conference to seeking to grab more Arican land in the manner that the 5% has already been taken.

    according to reports I have read…parcels of African land bigger than some European countries have been sequestered as individual lots by foreign parties, lock stock and barrel..mineral rights, water rights…all under the ground and above it…building rights..all rights.

    the receivers are free to do with and on that land whatever they see fit. they can build cities, even nations in there, forces presumably no African nation now extant can deal with.

    if this development goes ahead African/black people globally wont come out of this standing up.

    the future does not look bleak. it looks disastrous for black people.

    but it could not happen..cannot happen unless we agree to it..sanction it, give our permission. and that appears to be the most readily obtainable part of the process..black agreement with our own loss.

    isn’t there a term called suicide that describes that kind of collective behavour

    Wilbon and company are far from unique currently. they are as far as I see just about par for the course, relative to black humans on planet Earth circa 06/12.

    what is becoming unusual is the perspective I see in this thread here. I do not meet young and middle people who speak like that anymore. nor do I meet older black folk also who speak like that

    the people who publish BAR for eg., appear to be a dying breed. there are few, if any, like Bruce Dixon and Glen Ford coming out of the blocks. none that I can see anyway

  10. Temple3 says:

    from The Economist:

    “In total, says the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), a think-tank in Washington, DC, between 15m and 20m hectares of farmland in poor countries have been subject to transactions or talks involving foreigners since 2006. That is the size of France’s agricultural land and a fifth of all the farmland of the European Union. Putting a conservative figure on the land’s value, IFPRI calculates that these deals are worth $20 billion-30 billion—at least ten times as much as an emergency package for agriculture recently announced by the World Bank and 15 times more than the American administration’s new fund for food security.”

    mapoui: You are correct on ALL COUNTS!! Each and every one!

  11. michelle says:

    Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden were dragged through the mud during their addiction issues. I do not judge anyone with an addiction because it is a disease but if it’s that for white folk and almost criminal behavior for black folk what’s up with that? Josh Hamilton is celebrated for going to rehab eight times. Not slamming him, but painting a picture. There is no mention of this even as Hamilton, now a Ranger, is playing vs. the team that cut him, the Tampa Bay Rays in the playoffs, but every time Mike Vick plays a game his past is mentioned as if it happened tomorrow.

    Brett Myers, playing for the Phillies in Boston for a series vs the Red Sox, dragged his wife down the street by her hair, ripped her shirt open exposing her bra and punched her in the face in front of people. He was arrested because of eyewitness accounts. Not only was he not punished, he pitched the next day. No one said a damn thing. Major League Baseball did nothing. The media said nothing either. More of the same.

  12. michelle says:

    And furthermore, Plaxico Burress shot his damn self. Mike Freeman is a fricken house negro!

  13. CDF says:


    Very good points. Like I said earlier, you just can’t take the MSM’s story framing with any grain of salt.

  14. michelle says:

    Blacks and whites are covered differently by the media. As a sports fan for over 20 years I am costantly disgusted by the bias showed against black athletes by the omission of their achievements and overly highlighting their mistakes both on and off the field. CC Sabathia has been the most durable pitcher of his era. Thowing over 230 innings year after year. Pitching on short rest over and over to get the Brewers in the playoffs a couple years back. Throwing quality starts in every game he pitched (2 on short rest) during the 09 playoffs in route to being named the MVP of the ALCS and winning the World Series. He just wins no matter the cost. Yet now members of the current baseball media say wins don’t matter in evaluating the value of a starting pitcher…….HUH?????WHAT???? AND……. PITCHING IN THE AL EAST……. THE MOST DIFFICULT DIVISION IN BASEBALL , IN THE HIGHLY CRITICAL NY MEDIA MARKET, FOR THE MOST CELEBRATED TEAM IN ALL OF SPORTS, WHERE SO MANY PITCHERS HAVE FAILED DOESN’T MATTER EITHER……HAVING A BLACK MAN BE THE ACE OF THE NY YANKEES RUBS SOME PEOPLE THE WRONG WAY. HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS GO UNCELEBRATED AND HIS FAILURES ARE OVERLY STATED…..I KNOW I’M GOING ON AND ON ABOUT THIS BUT THIS SHIT PISSES ME OFF….CC HAS THROWN MORE INNINGS THAN HIS PEERS SINCE COMING UP IN 2001. HAS MORE STRIKEOUTS AND WINS THAN THEM TO. SHHHHHHHHHH……

  15. michelle says:


  16. michelle says:


  17. michelle says:

    Facts are hidden, overly exaggerated or distorted…..Whatever promotes their sinister agenda….

  18. mapoui says:

    some people appear to sincerely expect the MSM to proceed in honesty, fairness and justified.

    that is quite silly! that is not its function, now what it was created for, not its purpose.

    there ought to be a powerful black media satisfying all that black people need in terms that a media is supposed to serviced.

    that is the only way such needs will be met…rather than looking to the MSM for it.

    in that Regard TSF does a nice job. lots more is necessary but the TSF is working.

    I help by sending the TSF around to my friends who really love what the TSF does with basketball coverage in particular

    if however blasting the MSM as above is seen and used a tactic in beating it down, while posting up our own perspective in place… that’s fine.

    but to expect the MSM to do the right thing is silly, very un-tactical!

  19. mapoui says:

    its good that such as Wilbon and company are where they are. and when more such types are discovered send them there too.

    they carry out all sorts of functions up in there, some surely positive for the people…

    they keep white people happy seeing toms all the time. they distract and misdirect as long as we take them as we should. we know what they are doing so it’s in one eye and out the other.

    and of course in the high lights we know where they are. better there than among the body creating mischief.

    and of course one or 2 might indeed be Trojan. it does not hurt for all the people to see black faces in authority, in accepted positions of credibility routinely.

    the key is to know why they are there so that they do not do a job on us..while the job they for us on the rest of society develops unabated.

    with ones identity, central interest and derived purpose in life solid and unshakable in ones heart, one is free to play successfully all the tactical games necessary for the achievement of liberation and independence.

    one has no choice. there is no choice.. although we appear to think and live like there is.

    the key has been self-betrayal all along. how does one not betray oneself and commit suicide. that’s our question… a truly serious one.

    we will answer in the affirmative or die.

  20. ks says:

    michelle! Boom! Josh Hamilton + Steve Howe in terms of perception vs “others”. To add to your list, notice how Roger Clemens is being accepted back into the fold to the point that Joe Torre is saying he should be in the HOF but Barry Bonds still gets hate.