Tip-Off for 6/29/12 (featuring Gil Scott Heron): The Legend of Bernard James

This is an easy write. Bernard James. Dodging bullets. 3 tours. Afghanistan, Iraq…Qatar. Air Force.  Military fam. Never wasting a day. College education had to get. Watching everyone hoop through junior high…high school. One of those cats you notice when you’re on the court because you know he can rock but just never does. Soldier pick up games. Eric Dumas handed him the keys. Pop Pop now drives the truck…a rookie in years but not in the physical and equipped with the work ethic of a hungry shark.

Just get me in a school so I can get that paper on my family’s wall. Leonard Hamilton fell into the middle of perseverance and James became seminal as a Seminole. ACC title games and country locked appearances later in March. Cleveland takes the bait. Dallas steals the fish. James’ family is like travel? What travel. Trade? Let’s get it. Now he’s a Cuban missile. 2 months younger than that other James. His story is his. Sui generis. Not an indictment on other professional whisperers of sport. They are men too so don’t fix your face. Good luck soldier. Nice to meet you. Reading your story, you’re better than too good to be true.

The lineup:

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Listen people….Keep the Nerve…I’m talking about peace…

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  1. RBD says:

    Staff Sgt. James is the real deal. In every sense.