Tip-Off for 7/23/12 (featuring Frank Ocean): NCAA to announce “unprecedented” sanctions against Penn State Football this morning



The Four Horsemen of the Penn State Apocolypse

The removal of the Joe Paterno statue from Beaver Stadium yesterday meant nothing as the NCAA had already decided the fate of the Penn State  football program. The announcement of  “corrective and punitive measures”  will be held at 9am EST from NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis.

NCAA president Mark Emmert and chairman Ed Ray who is also the president at Oregon State will head the proceedings.

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Still, there are those who hold on to Paterno and his word

There has been wide speculation that the program will not receive the NCAA’s “death penalty”, but the punishment being handed down would have made the former more preferrable.

The football program is expected to lose scholarships as well as bowl appearances. Sources have also indicated that the school could be fined anywhere from $30-$6o million. Emmert was granted the authority to punish the program through non-traditional measures by the NCAA Division I Board of Directors/NCAA Executive Committee.

Because this is a non-traditional infractions case, Penn State has not been notified of the levied sanctions against the athletic department and football program.

Instead of holding a traditional infractions hearing, the NCAA is using the Freeh Report as its evidence against Penn State. A decision that has not gone over well in State College.

“Unbelievable,” said a Penn State trustee informed of the NCAA statement, speaking to ESPN.com senior writer Don Van Natta Jr. “Unbelievable, unbelievable.”

Yes it is.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Frank Ocean.

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