Tip-Off for 7/27/12 (featuring The Jacksons): All Peyton, all the time

The NFL’s preseason isn’t even underway and already I’m already weary of the Peyton Manning coverage. Everywhere I look I see either Eli or Peyton Manning. I can understand why Eli is everywhere, he’s coming off his second Super Bowl victory and this comes with the territory. And I know Peyton Manning was a highly sought after free agent during the offseason.

 But dual coverage by ESPN and the NFL Network?

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It could only be worse if Peyton Manning were playing for the Dallas Cowboys or any team in the NFC East other than the Philadelphia Eagles.

Look, I’ve got tons of respect for Peyton Manning and I hope he bounces back and has a great season in Denver but I’m being force-fed a guy who might not be the best quarterback in his family anymore. Manning looks like he’s recovered from the neck surgeries that kept him out for the 2011-12 season and is back to barking out signals to his new teammates in Denver.

Speaking of the Broncos, the team looks decent on paper. I am curious to see how much less the Broncos run the ball with Manning under center. The running game has been the Broncos staple, and maintaining that standard can only help Manning as the season goes on. How will Manning fare going from eight games indoors to 15 of 16 games being outside of a dome this season. Can Peyton brave the harsh elements of potentially brutal weather in the Mile High City.

Finally, the Broncos have a killer schedule. Other than the usual bitter rivalries in the AFC West, the Broncos will face the physical AFC North as well as the Falcons, Patriots and Saints.

Will FOX break in on my Eagles game when Manning is sacked for the first time this season? 

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Mike was on tour when this video was shot, his image is a wax figure

2 Responses to “Tip-Off for 7/27/12 (featuring The Jacksons): All Peyton, all the time”

  1. ch555x says:

    LOL..the MSM is extreme with their various coverage of certain things. I did have my first Eli/Peyton commercial sighting the other day…:/

  2. michelle says:

    I couldn’t agree more!!!