Your Villains, Our Black Superheroes

Posted in Blogroll on July 30th, 2012 by Ron Glover


From Superman to Bizarro? Dwight Howard has become the sports media’s newest “villain”

Villain /vilen/ n. 1. a person capable or guilty of great wickedness. 2. any African-American athlete that is not weak-minded or reliant upon the establishment. Syn. wretch, evildoer, malefactor, scoundrel, cur.

Who was allowed to set the narrative for the African-American athlete? Was it set by those that sought to find the uneven parallels when looking at how certain athletes are viewed? Or is it manipulated by those who think with an outdated mindset.

I’m sure you know what the answer is.

The term “villain” seems to be the sexy term among sports enthusiasts. As white athletes are given the benefit of the doubt by media,    (both black and white) and a good portion of white fans, Black athletes are given less wiggle room and are levied with a swift and harsh sentence. In the end, our Brothers and Sisters can only hope that their forgiveness package doesn’t contain the black ball of ostracization.

The struggle of African American athletes is a correlation to the African-American struggle in the United States. Understand that the unwarranted vilification of some African-American athletes is nothing new. It did not begin with LeBron James nor will it end with Dwight Howard. Throughout the history of competitive play, African-American men and women have sought a level playing field while either advancing their sport or dominating it altogether. What they found was racism and sexism endorsed by the hypocrisy of “liberty and justice for all.”

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