Tip-Off for 7/31/12 (featuring Digable Planets): Why do you fall for the BS every time?

And we’re still gonna do it funky enough…

I’m not perfect but let me talk to y’all for a minute…

I was thinking of Ron’s excellent Your Villains, Our Black Superheroes piece, and thinking about what we’ve done here at TSF over the years. Why are Black people hated for something others pat their own on the back for? Why must Blacks bow down to insecurity so it’s not offended? Blacks want to live just like others. Emotion comes into play. It’s natural. Don’t be afraid of it. There is another way of doing things and because it may be indifferent because Blacks are doing it successfully, does that make it less authentic? The images of Blacks on television are not accurate. The people you clown on the 6 o’clock news? Blacks are clowning them too. Don’t fall for it. It’s a lie. I gotta say this too and trust I definitely don’t agree with everything President Obama does (I understand though) but if Americans are dumb enough to vote for Mitt Romney you deserve all the hell coming down the pike. Think people. Use your heads. This is a great time for all of us to move forward and it really has nothing to do with Barack. It’s just common sense.

But I’m a sports writer right?

Believe this, the “conscious” sports stuff being passed along the web you see as the present courage no matter what race of the writer? We did that six years ago (shout out to D. K. Wilson). We talked to actual people six years ago. We sought to put a dent in this BS six years ago. We’re marginalized now. It’s all about kissing ass now. Where are the major outlets owned by Blacks and why do folks think that Black contributions to journalism are something to fear and despise? That Blacks should fight up ladders ducking and diving obstacles no one else but Blacks have to dodge. People think this is all Black everything and hell yeah we push Black accomplishment to the fore because if we don’t, who the hell will? There are no rumors on this site and even stories getting all the headlines don’t make it here because some of them are honestly bullshit that y’all fall for because the source is trusted by you. Why is that source trusted by you? That source does not know all the facts. They just get off on the evil grin on their face after your RT. Come on people. Use your minds.

This is an honest question…why is news less credible when it comes from a “Black outlet”? I’m not talking simply of TSF either. Why does that make you uncomfortable? When a Black reporter tweets something he/she sourced it goes ignored but let ESPN, Yahoo, FOX or whomever else post and everybody and their Momma is tweeting it as something breaking. We get the stories months in advance because we’re actually trusted by the folks the media at large wants you to mistrust. We see them every day so we know their lives outside of superficial perception. What’s really up with y’all? I see the young brothas out there doing their thing. Got a fresh website…but ain’t saying a cotdamn nothin’. How do you expect to make it in the field if you are basically advertising for major outlets free of charge? What sense does that make?

Why are you OK with nothing but white reporters surrounding an athlete post game, at the Olympics, Finals, Super Bowls, Wimbledon or British Opens? Blacks or other minorities can’t do the job if given equal resources? One opinion. A myopic world. Many opinions. A well rounded world. Are folks really suffering from post slavery traumatic stress to the tune of holding down their own from getting it better the right way? This ain’t about taking over. This is about being open to another perception and streamlining your mind to the actual facts so these pieces don’t have to be written and I don’t have to cuss in my work. Don’t you want writing that challenges you as well as informs? Why must it all be so easily put? This is not a world of flowers…but a world of concrete seeds dying before they hit the sunlight. This ain’t about that bs that since all the athletes are Black, all the reporters should be white. This is about Black journalists having to become stand up comedians instead of being professional and honest reporters giving America…and the world…news effectively as it happens. Damn that smiling and jiving bullshit. Dumbasses. While you are shuffling your big ass scrapplin’ lips on stage, a cub reporter with an expense account is getting the scoop from Kobe…or LeBron. The same athletes you clown at every turn.

You know what I’m really tired of? Black people pushing, grabbing, insulting, robbing (fuck you pay me. I don’t need the exposure), dismissing and whatever else negative when someone Black is trying to help your ass. They all say, “Why are you criticizing the very people who would give you a job? That’s stupid. Don’t mess it up for everybody?” When someone Black is trying to get your work more exposure. When someone Black is highlighting past BS that is still happening today and you hurriedly turn your mind completely away from it because you are scared for your job or at the very least…challenging your mind. When someone Black has the ear of elite athletes and entertainers and gives you deep and real words so we can all learn and apply their acumen instead of both teams played hard. Why do you want nothing but drama, sex, drugs, death and comedy? Who is making the money off the stories you get off on? Not Black people. There is a world happening where productive folk off all races are making historical advancements and all the hell you care about is Stevie fuckin’ J?


Why are Blacks the only people (besides Native Americans) that have to shut the hell up about their past? An American past so horrible it still affects Blacks today. You hear of folks everywhere clowning Blacks like it’s their responsibility but let someone speak truth about Black success and also happens to be Black. “Who does this nigga (and nigger) think he is? I don’t want to hear that Black shit. Ooooh turn on the Tyler Perry movie…that shit is funny as hell!” Wow. Another thing, fuck that light skin, dark skin bullshit and everyone who speaks that trash. We’re all in the same game and if I want to look at Serena’s big ass beautiful booty, I will do it with pride and honor. What is wrong with y’all? Do you know they laugh at you. Do you know that there is only so far you will go because your married boss is grooming his unborn child by his eventual secretary wife to one day take your shook ass place and by kissing his ass every day you are only showing him how weak and stupid you are…making his decision easier and more chocked full of nigger jokes comedy?

There is no loyalty. There is no unity. Folks would rather starve then pull assets together like everyone else has. Those same hungry will clown someone of their same kind…just because they happen to have less…food. How stupid is that?

I was very disappointed when Black folk didn’t come to the defense of Chris Rock even with a louder voice after his White Peoples Day tweet. Someone give me a logical reason why Blacks should celebrate Independence Day. Let’s see…hundreds of years of free labor that stuffed the pockets of rich people still thriving today, lynchings, other mass killings and rapes when Blacks got off the boat, racism continuing after Blacks were set free yet dying at the hands of police every day in the present and this is reason to celebrate forefathers who owned slaves? Get the fuck out of here. What are you crazy?

What has America really done for Blacks after what Blacks have sacrificed giving to it? Why should we be cool with that? Why are we the only ones…again besides Native Americans that are told to “move on”?

Lupe cried for us…

Lupe FiascoMusic News


Thoughts go out to the victims of Aurora (I have to say that because the disillusioned with say I don’t care about the victims if I don’t). That terrorist took many lives and made more traumatic but what about Chicago? Philly, Wilmington, DE? Where’s the national mourning for those affected cities? Why do folks think that because it’s Black on Black crime that it’s OK to not talk about? What the hell is up with the dilapidated schools, bullshit cannot tell a lie “books” where African elephants die in snow when they didn’t, teacher layoffs, no jobs, cops frisking folks for nothing (that lead to more arrests because folks naturally resist when they’ve done nothing wrong and are humiliated), drugs being bought and sold openly?

All that leads to poverty and yes…death.

Fix it. I could care less about politics. Fix it. Now. Black people pay taxes too.

Fix it like if you saw little Amber flash across the idiot box because she’s missing. Little Tyreke and his Pop are missing too (hypothetically). Give his Pop a shot to do better what you have been trained for years to do.

I don’t care who I offend with this. I know things are bad for everybody but does that mean we should shut up about death simply because it makes people uncomfortable of where the trail may lead?

So giving all that is happening to push Blacks further down a totem pole stuck deep in mud, I’m a sports writer and because athletes make millions, they are supposedly undeserving of adulation. They aren’t supposed to be seen as great fathers and husbands consistently. Christian Avard gets it. He is our Peter Norman when he writes here. The interviews Christian did with John Carlos and Nancy Hogshead-Makar are great. Yet…It’s all supposed to be about Kobe’s shirt off or LeBron’s head band or somebody’s dick pic. The relationship is supposed to be contentious with athletes because of journalistic integrity? Bullshit. Ron spoke it right in his piece. We simply just want America to catch up to the narrative primitively written by those of us who know it because we live it. Clown LeBron and Dwight all you want but the next time you see a mug shot, you won’t see their faces will you?

Y’all made me a Bonds fan. A LeBron fan. A Dwight Howard fan. A Metta World Peace fan (dude didn’t create crazy). A TO fan (him neither). Not a Steve Nash fan (what has he done that Iverson didn’t?). Not a Josh Hamilton fan (Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden were vilified and Josh is congratulated?). Not a Ben Roethlisberger fan (you know he did it). Not a Justin Verlander fan (he didn’t deserve MVP). Not a Payton Manning fan (McNabb has a better playoff record). Not that cat who bends soccer balls fan. The latter cats are great at what they do but y’all go overboard with it. These cats are humans, not gods. Something psychotic is going on here. The negatives spoken of Black athletes are not spoken in the same context of white counterparts. It becomes Chris Rock’s White People’s Day everyday. If anyone speaks their names in anything negative but factual, there is hell to pay. Why is white only right but Black is wack?

Look at this coon shit. Who will you be Robert Townsend or the cats coonin’ for a paycheck?

How is the video above different than what came out just today?

Why is this all that’s out there? It always existed but there also existed an alternative that was conscious and uplifting. Now it’s all murdermoneydeathdrugssexbitch?

Looks like the same bullshit to me. Yes it’s visually stunning and the beat is tight but where is the reality? I see none. What’s more disturbing is that we don’t scratch and claw for an alternative like we do the latest Nike re-issue…but go ahead and get your party on.


I’m not angry…just frustrated at the way America allows its own to be depicted for money and whatever else. The well being of white kids is important but so are the well beings of everyone else. If you don’t get that then something is wrong with your ass and getting mad at those who speak it right is the opposite reaction you should have. What you should be mad at is your parents who allowed myopic thought to enter your existence. People. Come on people. This can be turned around by all of us. If not…

“Victory has defeated you.”

Stop falling for it. There is truth that is not a fabrication. A truth that will help you see things as they really are and not of the white picket fence, two and a half kids, a 401k and a security firm sign stuck in your front yard that you mow around. Others are good people too. Why would you want to hold back rational thought allowing you too…to become better?

Wanna brain wrestle? I can go much deeper than what’s written above, but before we do, fetch me some coffee dammit…


In other news…

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I was geeeeeeeeked on Lady Bug…

8 Responses to “Tip-Off for 7/31/12 (featuring Digable Planets): Why do you fall for the BS every time?”

  1. D.N. says:


  2. sankofa says:

    Q Mike and the rest of the family, I saw an headline on one of the feeds where some one with an Hispanic name said that we are too quick to forgive Michael Vick. Now I confess i didn’t check out that garbage because the title was self explanatory. So Mike is still one of the most hated men in Amerikkka. Then we have the shit that has people crapping in their pants with 50 and Floyd May starting their own promotional company. Now all of a sudden boxing is going to hell because these two gangster, ignorant niggers think that they can promote boxing. This not a direct quote but a compilation of words thrown out at the TMT company. Then we have news that the NBA is petitioning the Olympics to make basketball a 21 and under event, because they want to start their own world basketball event, using the players from the NBA. As Mark Cuban boasts. “it’s our (owners) idea and we should control it” Meaning the performing monkeys. 21st century slaves need to shut up and do what we say.

    If they can’t control you, they will eliminate you. So TSF education while the lone or one of the few sensible voice in this madness, is getting attention, we haven’t quite gotten to the SOULS of Black folks yet. “cause “niggers are scared of revolution”. And our minds are already lost to the propaganda the media and the corporation has out there.

  3. Ron Glover says:

    Great follow up to everything Mizzo. Sankofa we have to stay just as busy as the devil to keep our own wits about us.

  4. publius africanus says:

    Speaking of forgiveness there is actually a debate about forgiving the shooter in Aurora CO. The shooter that killed 12 people and wounded 58. Yet they still hate Mike Vick. There was never a debate about the Negro whose name shall not be mentioned(O.J.) Speaking of which if O.J.’s Heisman was melted down for spite then what, pray tell, should happen to a certain statue at Penn State?

  5. ch555x says:

    I’d be preaching to the choir about the causes of this “peculiar” mindset”. The hypocritical spew spans the globe!

    The NBA is just clutching at straws looking for an extra dollar. This so-called world title is already hosted by FIBA.

    @publius africanus
    LOL…Brent “black-skinned stormtroopers” Musburger was arguing AGAINST the Penn St. penalties on PTI several days ago, so there’s one answer…O_o

  6. kos says:

    Great article Mizzo! This and Ron’s article yesterday are must read.

    sankofa –
    Words of wisdom as usual.

    We all know that boxing has had gangsters in it for a long time. And Floyd and 50 ain’t the real gangsters.

    publius africanus –
    It doesn’t surprise me that some want to forgive the Aurora shooter and not Vick. It’s not like they liked him before they found out about the dogfights. It just f*#ks them up that after he got out of prison that he came back better than before. They wanted him broken. Also, that new 100 million+ contract is definitely making them blow a few blood vessels.

    Speaking of O.J., I actually had a conversation with a friend of mine about the Juice. I brought up how there was actually more evidence against Robert Blake but you never hear anyone bring his name up. Instead, O.J. is the butt of jokes, and the sad thing is, a good bit of it is coming from black folks!

    ch555x –
    All I’ve heard since the penalties came down on Penn State is sympathy for Joe Pa. F%$k that. They are as bad and wrong as Joe Pa wanting sympathy for Sandusky.

  7. sankofa says:

    OJ sigh…he had a chance for redemption, by coming home, but like so many Man-tans like himself, his delusion is his downfall.

    @publius africanus…nothing these people do surprises me anymore. i am more surprise that we are surprise. smdh

  8. “It’s our success that beckons the mob…” Koritha Mitchell