Tip-Off for 8/7/12 (featuring Stevie Wonder): The Reid’s story of sorrow is all too familiar

Posted in Blogroll on August 7th, 2012 by Ron Glover

(ABC News)

I chimed in on spirited debate Sunday afternoon after hearing of the death of Garrett Reid. Garrett is the son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid and was found dead Sunday morning at Eagles training camp. The post focused on a quote that Garrett gave the police when he was arrested for selling drugs in a low-income Philadelphia neighborhood back in 2007. The originator of the thread gave the inclination that the outpouring of sorrow for Reid was excessive and that there would be no remorse on his part because he sold drugs in “his hood”, while others argued that the timing of the thread was poor.

Sadly enough, the nightmare that the Reid family is living is all too familiar story that will continue to be told in spite of race, location or financial status.

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