Hard Knocks vid of Chad Johnson’s release by Miami Dolphins with transcript and commentary

We haven’t seen as raw a moment in sports in a long time…

Chad knew what was coming. “This is probably gonna be my death penalty,” is as real as it gets. I understand players maximizing earning potential while they are athletes but when on field production and subsequently team value falls off, organizations simply don’t want the “hassle” even when the player in question is a 6 time Pro Bowler.

His release was imminent. Was the team quick to judge? Of course and if Chad didn’t do what has been reported, this is really messed up. I honestly don’t think indicting his soon to be ex-wife (despite the perception of her being off the chain) or Chad is the logical thing to do at this point because none of us know what actually went down. Men have been falsely accused for years and trust, that does not absolve Chad Johnson in any way because if he did headbutt her, he deserves to fall. The same goes for Lozada. If she hit and baited him, I have no sympathy for her either. We all should be held accountable for our actions despite the notion that no man should hit a woman.

The 40 day marriage seemed doomed from the start.

The VH-1 reality show Ev and Ocho was pulled despite the great potential ratings. I don’t watch reality shows because I think they’re garbage and add nothing positive to our society, but that’s just me. Drew Rosenhaus’ job is to get that money so I get it.

Joe Philbin lost his son earlier this year. I can’t imagine how the minute by minute  struggles of mourning the death of a child affects human daily interaction. As a father, Andy Reid and Philbin definitely have my sympathy…shoot…for just getting out of bed each day…let alone running a team. Philbin is an NFL lifer. This is his shot to lock in an NFL legacy stuck on the back burner for decades. He’s seen everything and his old school perception of things was detrimental to how Chad Johnson operated from day one of camp. They’d traded Brandon Marshall who is on the top of his game, so Chad didn’t stand a chance. If Chad made that catch in preseason and fired up the squad with his mere presence would he still be a member of the Dolphins? I doubt it. The NFL is no joke and though Chad has been a great dude off the field and has never been in trouble his entire NFL career, a new coach has to look out for himself after all the years of helping  other coaches he’s assisted under have success. That’s just the way it is in professional sports and particularly the NFL. We also don’t know what was said between the front office and Philbin. The Dolphins have always been a model franchise and cutting Johnson isn’t a shocker no matter how it affects the overall record. Philbin might lose the locker room. Carlos Dansby said “I hate that we didn’t stand behind him,” on Sid Rosenberg’s radio show. The players know the team is short at receiving talent and Chad’s experience would have helped this young team tremendously, but despite little knowledge of what went down between Evelyn Lozada and the former Dolphin, I understand the decision. Chad is 34 and his recent performance difficulties are well documented but the headline Chad Johnson headbutts reality star wife doesn’t look good however you shake it. Personally, I would have given him another shot. This could have galvanized the team in ways unforeseen despite the bad publicity sure to follow. I think the rookie coach blew a shot to really make a mark but since it seemed he didn’t want Chad in the first place it just wasn’t going to happen. Few outside the game know of Philbin and if he doesn’t get it done this season, don’t be shocked if he too gets fired and he did go back on his word of speaking to Chad before a decision was made. This will not be a playoff season for the Miami Dolphins but miracles do happen.

Chad Johnson is one of the most popular athletes in sports. He interacts with fans via twitter and obviously knows his snaps in the league are numbered, but he’s a smart man and I’m sure he’ll recover from this rough period. That this happened in essentially his hometown has to rock him mentally. He’s branded himself to have a very high profile and the episode of Hard Knocks last night was honestly, just along the same public lines his life unfortunately has become. Would things be different if Chad was a member of the Dolphins for years when this went down? Probably, but we’ll never know. This happened on TV because the Hard Knocks cameras were on. Great for HBO, bad for Chad. For those who think it was cold to do this on camera, it happens on Hard Knocks all the time. This time it was a high profile player being released.

He issued the following apology following his arrest via his website OCNN:

“I would like to apologize to everyone for the recent events that have occurred. I would like to wish Evelyn well and will never say anything bad about her because I truly love her to death. I will continue to be positive and train hard for another opportunity in the NFL. To all the fans and supporters I have disappointed, you have my sincerest apologies. I will stay positive and get through this tough period in my life.”

Transcript of Philbin cutting Chad…

Johnson: “I let you down a little bit. A lot. I understand what you’re doing, you got the message across clear the first day we met. … I understood what you wanted from me and what you expected out of me, especially after our talk — having fun with the media thing. I apologize for embarrassing you, this organization, my teammates.”

Philbin: “I appreciate that. I respect that. I know you’re very passionate, and I know you care about your profession. … I do my best not to fly off the handle and act irrational. It’s just, I don’t know that this is working for the benefit of you, me, the Miami Dolphins or anybody else. I think you’re a good person. Trust me, I acknowledge people make mistakes. Nobody knows that more than me.”

Johnson: “Coach, I’ve never been in trouble before. Ever. And I buy into your program, most definitely. Because after that talk we had, I was hushed from that point on. And I was gonna stay that way the entire year.”

Philbin: “It’s not really just last night. It’s where we are as a program, and where you are, and where we’re headed. I just don’t see the mesh right now. I wish it was different. I wish I could tell you something more encouraging, but I just think it’s best for both of us that we kind of part ways at this point in time. It’s not like I’m trying to flex my muscle, to say, ‘I’m the head coach, and let’s make an example of Chad Johnson.’ It has nothing to do with that. It’s more about how you fit in, and how we fit in together, and where this thing is heading. Just don’t see it being where I thought it would be or what I hoped it would be. I’m sure it’s not good news; it’s not good news for us, either. But I’m certain you can overcome this thing.”

Johnson: “Thank you for the opportunity. I’ve enjoyed myself. There’s not much more I can say. I appreciate it, though. Thank you for the chance.”

Philbin: “I wish we were having a different type of a conversation, I mean that. I wish you well, I really do.”

9 Responses to “Hard Knocks vid of Chad Johnson’s release by Miami Dolphins with transcript and commentary”

  1. D.N. says:

    Im so glad you wrote this and agree with all points.

  2. Rance Rob says:

    I absolutely HATE this for Chad. I hate to see his marriage break up like this. He seems to be one of the more decent personalities. I wish him the best. It’s my hope that he can re-build and maybe regain the respect of the people (whatever amount he had) and keep going.

  3. Vinny Hardy says:

    I missed it last night and HBO’s already snatched the vid off of YouTube.

  4. Link updated. Vid posted.

  5. Burundi says:

    Liked the piece. I think other players will refrain from embracing Reality TV/social media, to Chad’s extent, as a result of this. I imagine Chad’s public humiliation will be a cautionary tale that will potentially be a part of rookie orientation (and, after watching Chris Tucker be humiliated after being pulled over in his Bentley, I won’t watch Chad’s firing). Like you, I believe that Chad will rise above this and this situation will bring out the best in him. Teammates said that he was distracted. For some reason, I see Chad developing a laser-like focus and playing with a chip on his shoulder that some coach may love to have. Chad’s redemption may be the most compelling must-see TV, after all— sans his lightening rod, soon-to-be annulled mistake.

    Most intriguing is that it appears that, lost in whether Chad did or didn’t headbutt her is that her atrocious, televised “hit or throw items, first” antics makes it seem that Chad, who—aside from ruffling fan’s and management’s feathers—has never been in any kind of trouble, will beat the wrap, regardless. The law of unintended consequences is that many women may learn that televised, public bad behavior may thwart an assault charge and the resulting big quickie divorce settlement.

  6. sankofa says:

    @Burundi, why am I not as assured as you on this…when this Western Society is hell bent on crucifying the African man at all times. Even those who at one time chose to help bamboozle us with the Tel-lie-vision images of buck dancing and eat’n’sleeping?

    As for those others learning from his mistakes? Again we have proven to have a short memory when it comes to bullshit, that’s why there are the few Greg Hodges and Jim Browns in the world and then there are the others.

  7. Modds says:

    Whose Greg Hodges?

  8. Burundi says:

    @Sankofa, you raise excellent points—and it may just be wishful thinking on my part, but many on these shores, love to root for the underdog, nonetheless. Chad has been humbled and from what I’m reading, his dismissal may have less to do with this scandal du jour, but rather diminished skills. After all, we know that with the NFL, if you can play, there’s a place for you (See Big Ben, Ray Lewis, etc.). I’m hearing that this episode of Hard knocks reveals this. Despite this, Chad has shown smarts (rockin’ cubic zerconias in his ears, rather than trickin’ his dough on the real thing), at times, to lead me to believe that he’ll rebound from this situation, some way.

  9. michelle says:

    I hope Chad and his wife go to counseling to save their marriage. The social media has put people under an unfair microscope. It’s not our business. Most of reality tv is poison!!!!