Tip-Off for 8/15/12 (featuring Lil’ John, Ludacris and Usher): Have the NCAA, LSU done their best to help Tyrann Mathieu?


An all-world talent, Mathieu has to deal his personal issues

The LSU Tigers dismissed Heisman Trophy finalist Tyrann Mathieu last week due to several failed drug tests. Mathieu does have the option of transferring but he would like to stay in Baton Rouge.

Mathieu’s situation raises a flag about the committment from LSU and the NCAA .


   How committed were Les Miles and LSU to Tyrann Mathieu?

LSU head coach Les Miles states that he still wants the best for Mathieu who he dismissed from the football program last week. But he’s unsure if the player known as the “Honey Badger” will be able to return to the squad in 2013.

“I certainly am rooting for Tyrann and whatever his future is. But I’m not focused on that,” Miles said. “I’ve got games to play and I’ve got 104 guys I have to be ready for. I know that this is a very key time in his life and I hope the decisions that he makes are in his best interest for the long-term. So we’ll help in any way we can.”

Does help means that the school was already providing help with Mathieu’s issues? What about if Mathieu remains on campus as a student for a year? Is he still on a scholarship or does he pay out of pocket while his status with the team is in limbo?

The only way that Mathieu can play in 2012 is if he transfers to an FCS school (an FBS sub-division), Mathieu has already visited McNeese State and could decide as early as today where he will attend.

According to NCAA rules, if Mathieu decides to sit out a year, he can transfer to an FBS school provided Miles and the LSU administration approve of his choice.

Was Mathieu entered into a substance abuse program by LSU at any point? Or is he just being passed off to the next school as a kid with baggage soon to be someone else’s problem? 

If LSU chooses to cut the strings on Mathieu, cut the strings. Where he goes and performs at a Heisman candidate level should no longer be their concern.

How many times have we heard this story involving a player, school and the NCAA?  A  student athlete brings notoriety and untold revenue into an institution. In the face of adversity, the marriage is broken and he/she is left to fend for themselves.

Classic NCAA.

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One Response to “Tip-Off for 8/15/12 (featuring Lil’ John, Ludacris and Usher): Have the NCAA, LSU done their best to help Tyrann Mathieu?”

  1. ch555x says:

    One piece of advice I’d give to young guns hooking up w/ the NCAA is to stay out of these and other types of troubles. The “infrastructure” (so to speak) isn’t in any condition to be lackadaisical with in respect to being a so-called student-athlete. We’re talking the SEC, so someone’s waiting in the ranks to replace you regardless of your skills. Getting the education is the main goal, so if he wants to play right away, I’d transfer and be done with it. He’s going to have to prove himself anyway after this transgression, so taking a drop in the draft isn’t much to worry about (unless we’re talking blackballing).