Tip-Off for 8/24/12 (featuring Ultramagnetic MCs): Lance Armstrong: Champion or Chump?


Lance quitting on his legacy makes him anything but a hero.

When Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he was given up for dead. Armstrong eventually would overcome the disease. Winning our admiration on his way to becoming the greatest cyclist in history, winning seven Tour De France titles. In the wake of those victories allegations of doping began to surface, charges that Armstrong has denied from day one.

Yesterday Armstrong decided that he was not going to fight the allegations with USADA any longer, a process that he called “one-sided and unfair.”


Those seven Tour De France titles are now moot.

I wish I hadn’t eaten breakfast already, because the spin cycle on Lance Armstrong is almost sure to bring this all back up. Armstrong quit in a quest to clear his name that has been linked to doping for at least two years now. Just like that, he’s done with dealing with forget the seven Tour De France titles forget his legacy forget it all.

So what am I supposed to think about Lance Armstrong now? I was always taught to never give up on my beliefs, especially if I knew I was right. So Armstrong is so weary of the allegations that he’s given up on arbitration, willing to accept a lifetime ban and give back his Tour De France titles?

In the end, Armstrong will be viewed as a martyr because he saved U.S. tax dollars by avoiding a trial to clear his name. Because he was tired of the process. Nike will put some heroic twist on this to push Armstrong’s Livestrong foundation.

Barry Bonds will go to his grave denying that he knowingly used performance-enhancing drugs. He didn’t plead the 5th Amendment like Mark McGwire who was welcomed back into baseball. He didn’t go out like Sammy Sosa and forget the English language after baseball was “Berry, berry good to him.”

Bonds stepped into his trial facing an 0-2 count and ended up drawing a walk. Baseball’s all-time home run leader has been in a stare down with Major League Baseball for almost a decade and hasn’t blinked. Brian McNamee was holding a smoking can that allegedly contained the syringe used to inject Roger Clemens but the “Rocket” would beat the charges despite the evidence presented. Clemens is back in baseball and his return to the minor leagues is being televised tomorrow.

Bonds won’t sniff the inside of a major league dugout again, but Armstrong will be allowed to walk away heroic in defeat.

In his first softball interview, It’s my wish that someone would have the guts to remind Armstrong that when it comes to maintaining his innocence, there is no finish line.

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2 Responses to “Tip-Off for 8/24/12 (featuring Ultramagnetic MCs): Lance Armstrong: Champion or Chump?”

  1. ks says:

    Exactly right! The apologists are all over themselves still trying to cover for Armstrong. That 50? year old Clemens minor league start is being televised!!!! is all you need to know about how things work.

    Here’s the first quote from an artcle by ESPN’s Jim Caple:

    “Good! The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency finally got that bad, bad Lance Armstrong. Now I hope they’ll finally go after Babe Ruth for all those beers he drank during Prohibition.”

    An amazing statement and awful analogy. Like drinking alcohol illegally during Prohibition is the same this as using PEDs to win 7 straight Tour De France titles.

  2. Modds says:

    Tipical game. We all supposed to respect a person for riding a bike something everyone does when they a kid please. Barry would smoke this fool on the field or on a bike