Cam Newton: Act II

Posted in Blogroll on August 26th, 2012 by Ron Glover

(Getty Images)

Newton is no mere mortal on Sundays…

At last year’s NFL Combine Cam Newton told the world of his desire to have an iconic NFL career. His proclamationwas met with a swift roll of the eyes and passed off as nothing more than some blood pumping rhetoric he’d heard on a Jay-Z track. After the Carolina Panthers made Newton the first overall pick, pundits chirped about Newton’s NFL learning curve and how his athleticism and accuracy would be nullified against bigger and quicker defenders. Lines and phrases that have now become cliche’ when analyzing African-American quarterbacks.

Newton’s rookie campaign was kaleidoscopic. With an impressive arm and an uncanny ability to improvise, Newton pimped his share of NFL defenses while setting a new rookie standard in the process.

The so-called experts have picked up their jaws just in time to witness Act II.

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Tip-Off for 8/27/12 (Featuring Redd Foxx): The Emergence of Terrelle Pryor

Posted in Blogroll on August 26th, 2012 by Ron Glover

(Jose Carlos/Oakland Tribune)

Terrelle Pryor was the last move Al Davis made…
No one expected to hear from him again.

He was labeled as the scapegoat that brought The Ohio State football program to its knees. Terrelle Pryor’s senior season at OSU was supposed to be built around Heisman Trophy and National Championship hype. Not in a scandal that nearly ruined his NFL career before it started.

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