Tip-Off for 7/29/12 (featuring: Michael Jackson): Dez Bryant: Man in the mirror


Focused on creating a legacy in the NFL..

From the day Dez Bryant was in the sights of NFL scouts, he’s been viewed as a ticking time bomb. The All-America receiver at Oklahoma State was suspended for his junior season in 2009 for refusing to fully disclose his relationship with Deion Sanders.

Bryant is still struggling with issues from his well-documented past. Fortunately, only nagging injuries have kept Bryant off the field.

And he’s looking to keep it that way.

(USA Today)

Jerry Jones’ loyalty to his players is unprecedented

Dez Bryant is calling a career-altering audible that few of us expected. 

Dez Bryant has a world of talent. Game-breaking, perennial Pro-Bowl type talent. At the same time Bryant realizes that his past can come up and snatch his career away at anytime if he allows it to. The incident in which he allegedly struck his biological mother earlier this summer (a misdemeanor charge) is a prime example.

The relationship between mother and son became known to the world as draft forcasters looked to pile on Bryant who had already been suspended in his junior season because of a relationship with Deion Sanders that made the NCAA uncomfortable. It was revealed that Bryant’s mother Angela had been arrested for dealing crack cocaine when Dez was eight years old. Dez’s years at Lufkin High School were spent with as many as eight different families as Bryant would become a Texas All-State selection in 2007.

The most humiliating moment came during a questionnaire during the NFL Combine when a team official (team unknown) asked Bryant if his mother was a prostitute. Bryant watched his stock drop from top ten to the 24th pick of the Dallas Cowboys.

Bryant’s most recent incident received heated press for obvious reasons. It was enough to make him look at his life and change the narrative prematurely set for him.

Bryant has reached out to Dallas team officials who with his approval have selected a support group consisting of clergy, Bryant’s agent and Bryant himself formed a plan of action that was supported by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

ESPN reported that Bryant’s stipulations included bans on alcohol and strip clubs as well as a midnight curfew. There are two meeting sessions a week, and an around the clock three-man security team who would accompany Bryant to team meetings and games.  

Jones has denied that these are the rules and stated that the stipulations have not been finalized.

I applaud Bryant for his desire to improve his life from within. He has to stay grounded in the face to those who will be looking to constantly remind him of his past. What’s done is done. It can’t be changed or corrected, only improved upon.

Dez Bryant is writing his own narrative.

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Happy Birthday to the King of Pop!

2 Responses to “Tip-Off for 7/29/12 (featuring: Michael Jackson): Dez Bryant: Man in the mirror”

  1. ch555x says:

    Wow, I never knew about all that stuff related to Dez’s life. This seems to place all the current incidences into context, instead blowing it off or mocking it via the MSM/fair-weather fans.

  2. Miranda says:

    I think the media has done more to destroy Dez Bryant than anything he possibly could have done himself.