Tip Off for 8/31/12 (featuring Cameo): These zebras have to earn their stripes

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Coaches and replacement officials will be very familiar with one another once the season begins…

NFL officials are in the midst of a head scratching labor dispute which will carry into the regular season. As a result, fans will have to settle for replacement officials fresh out of the college ranks and even the pro lingerie league.

There’s an obvious difference in the quality of officiating.  But nothing that has really altered the course of any games.

Thank the Lord for instant replay.

(Associated Press)

Ed has more time to work on his guns…

Don’t expect to see the bulging biceps of lead NFL official Ed Hochuli (sorry ladies). It looks as if Eddie Gunz, Mike Greer and the gang are dug in for the long haul with the NFL in their labor dispute. Roger Goodell should be embarrassed beyond comprehension for allowing this to happen. NINE BILLION DOLLARS over the next ten years is what The Shield is poised to rake in. NFL officials aren’t the greatest by any stretch but they are all we have for now. Goodell is playing the age-old game of short arms with ridiculously deep pockets. The officials just want their fair share which isn’t going to dent the NFL’s immeasurable pockets.

Instant replay will cure a lot of potential ills as the replacement officials grow used to the pro game. The calls will be tighter and that’s a good thing when comes to a players protection. What we all fear is the one call that could change the outcome of a game just like that (i.e. holding and pass interference calls).

Expect to see more than a few red flag challenges in the opening weeks.

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