Tip-Off for 9/12/12 (featuring Talib Kweli): LeBron James and Kevin Durant: What’s a little workout between friends?

(USA Today)

The NBA has changed over the years and so have the off-season training methods. Summer Pro Leagues aren’t what they used to be (not in Philly anyway) so players work out among themselves or as a group at sporting clubs around the country.

The only thing standing between Kevin Durant and the NBA Championship is LeBron James. Durant and James have worked out together for a couple of weeks feverishly pushing one another for an NBA Finals rematch.

As the saying goes “Iron sharpens iron”. Two of the most durable tools in the box are working to improve one another while bonding at the same time.

Depending who you ask the idea of LeBron James and Kevin Durant working out together goes against the rules of competition since Durant and James are not teammates. Ok Magic didn’t seek out Larry in the summer and MJ wasn’t about to tip anyone anything about his game. So times are different.

This is actually the second consecutive off season both players have worked out together. The two began to bond during the lockout and toured in several exhibition games in that time. Durant proposed that the two workout together and with the help of James’ trainer Mike Mancias an intense regimen was put together for the former and current NBA MVP.

Both credited the workouts with building their ambition to face one another in the NBA Finals. With the sting of the NBA Finals defeat to James and the Miami Heat in five games, Kevin Durant has his daily motivation to get back to the Finals.

Iron sharpens iron.

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I’ve been listening to Talib heavy for the past week…

5 Responses to “Tip-Off for 9/12/12 (featuring Talib Kweli): LeBron James and Kevin Durant: What’s a little workout between friends?”

  1. Sinclair says:

    Why did KD delete his reply to Skip Bayless? He don’t want to stand up for what he say? That’s weak.

  2. Celeste says:

    K.D. is 23 with home training (a really good kid). I can’t see him NOT being willing to train with LeBron. I can also see him deleting his tweet. He is among other things a kind young man. s/n: I live in LV and you see players/opponents hanging together all the time. Why is Bayless making this an issue? Why does anybody even watch that show any more?

  3. sankofa says:

    I think it’s great that these young cats hang out. We see it regularly and even the old schoolers do hang out, if you follow the street ball/Rucker tournaments of the past. This can only elevate each and build on their weaknesses. I am glad that these young African MEN, are not participating in the nigger self hate that to many dick heads expect them to and are following their own path. Two observations: Watching Lebron sprint, dude is FAST for a big man. KD doesn’t need to bulk up. He is doing what he needs to do, which is building core strength. He doesn’t have the body type to bulk up and bulking up doesn’t equate with strength.
    Finally I am not a fan of the public fool system, but isn’t it sad that wall street gets a bail out, but teachers can’t get any respect?

  4. Ron Glover says:

    Amen Sankofa. Amen.

  5. TC says:

    As you said, iron sharpens iron. Who else can motivate a guy like KD? He needs a challenge…as does LBJ. No doubt the rest of the league should be sadder that these two dudes are working out together coz THEY’RE the ones who will suffer!!