Donovan McNabb returns to Philadelphia as an analyst on Comcast SportsNet

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Will McNabb speak favorably of former head coach Andy Reid?

Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb will make his debut as a media personality on Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia today. McNabb will serve as a football analyst every Thursday for the remainder of the NFL season.

Joining a local sports program didn’t seem like an ideal fit for McNabb since he’s doing part-time work with the NFL Network. How ironic is it that some of McNabb’s new colleagues were the same people calling for his job his last handful of years in Philly.

An even greater irony is McNabb’s presence in the Philadelphia media could be a decisive element in the future of Andy Reid.

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McNabb’s final seasons in Philly were less than memorable.

Donovan McNabb left Philadelphia under a heavy cloud of scrutiny. Whether you pulled for McNabb or pushed him towards the door, we can agree it was time for a change.

If it was dealing with the boos on draft day, Rush Limbaugh’s comments or the Terrell Owens debacle, McNabb always seemed to give us what we wanted to hear.  

And although it angered us at times, McNabb thought it was for the better.

McNabb could’ve dished out more in those situations, but in the end he just smiled and soldiered on. Knowing full well the business as it pertained to African-American quarterbacks and what the circumstances in a racially charged exchange with Limbaugh could mean. McNabb’s decision not to mix it up with Limbaugh worked more to his benefit than anyone could have imagined. That’s always been McNabb. No matter how hard he’s been hit, he’s been always able to breathe through it.

Never spitting out his mouthpiece.

During the Terrell Owens holdout McNabb sought to distance himself from the situation, but he picked his spots, sometimes to his own contradiction as he and Owens lobbed grenades at one another following Super Bowl XXXIX.

McNabb’s last years in Philly were spent in and out of quarterback controversy. Throw in trying to shed the tags of being an injury prone company man and unnecessarily defending his Blackness while holding down the toughest job in Philadelphia.

Now McNabb returns as one of them.

It’s clear from his appearance on ‘First Take’ that McNabb knows how to make waves. Remember his criticisms of former coach Mike Shanahan regarding the development of Robert Griffin III? And from the startling number of hits Griffin has taken over three games it looks as if McNabb was really onto something. Not spewing sour grapes as many had suggested.

McNabb will be asked to analyze and critique the same Andy Reid who assured him that he was the Eagles starting quarterback in the weeks and months leading up to the Easter Sunday trade in 2010. In that time, McNabb’s career has twisted in the winds of change with less than memorable stops in Washington and Minnesota. I’m sure McNabb will be put in the position to reveal some things that escaped the media during his 10+ seasons in Philadelphia.

But now it’s Reid who has heard straight from the Jeffrey Lurie’s lips that breaking even is about as good as going 4-12. Reid has responded with his signature questionable play calling. This week. Reid once again brewed his own quarterback controversy involving starter Michael Vick and rookie backup Nick Foles who was impressive in the preseason. The play of Foles has whetted the appetite of Eagles fans who have grown weary of Vick’s injuries and Reid’s inability to take the correct measures to prevent them. 

McNabb’s was brought in to give his two cents for a reason. His words could serve as a rope to pull Reid out of the hole he has dug for himself.

Or the first handfuls of dirt on an unfulfilled tenure.

5 Responses to “Donovan McNabb returns to Philadelphia as an analyst on Comcast SportsNet”

  1. Temple3 says:

    Name the last QB to beat the Giants in the post-season. Hint — it ain’t Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers or Tony Romo or Matt Ryan or Brett Favre or Drew Brees or Matt Stafford.

  2. BG says:

    Wasn’t it Carolina (Delhomme) in ’08?

  3. BG says:

    Okay, nevermind…I see what you did there Temple3. Sorry, I’m an idiot. 😛

  4. MODI says:

    If Vick gets hurt, I wonder the chances of Reid calling McNabb back down from the booth?

    I expect McNabb to be a big supporter of Reid, and have no problem with that. As you say, he could bring some special insight.

  5. steve wilson says:

    Wanted Donovan to be a hero here as much as anyone.
    He instead acted like a spoiled child and I toasted him
    when he left town.
    Havent any interest at all in his opinion on anything,
    Thought we were well rid of him.