Tip-Off for 10/16/12 (featuring Kevin Hart): Michael Vick has allowed Andy Reid to make him a target


No Eagle can escape a Lion standing still.

When the Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick in 2009 it seemed like a great idea. With Donovan McNabb’s time on the team winding down and the uncertainty of Kevin Kolb, bringing in Vick seemed like the right move.

On top of the physical punishment, Vick has struggled with turnovers the past two seasons. Suddenly there are questions about his future in Philly. We can blame Reid all we want, but somewhere along the line Vick bought in to Reid’s plan and that’s when things changed.



Being reduced to a pocket passer is only going to leave Michael Vick broken and alone.

Michael Vick has bought into Andy Reid’s pocket passer propaganda hook, line and sinker. He has completely cast aside any thought of remaining a running threat in exchange for a weekly bludgeoning that would make Deacon Jones break into a sack dance.

There was a time when Vick would make a read and take off. Now he just reads, sits and waits as an already depleted offensive line breaks down in a matter of seconds. The turnovers will be placed at Vick’s feet because he rushed a pass or fumbled because he held the ball to long instead of throwing it away.

The physical beating that Vick is taking is harder to watch than the turnovers. The most disappointing aspect of his role this season are his attempts to escape the pocket. Michael Vick should be in that 2010 groove, but instead the record has skipped off beat into a monotonous tone pleasing only to its conductor. 

He has chosen to buy into a pocket passer mentality. If it does bother him, he’s keeping quiet to remain on the media’s good side. Placing himself into the crosshairs of defensive coordinators who know Reid and the kind of quarterback he eventually ends up with.

Donovan McNabb’s first five seasons in the NFL were filled with runs and passes on the run that seemed ideal for his skills. But as time went on McNabb decided to take on the role of a passer and dumping his penchant to run. McNabb cut his game in half and for the remainder of his career he turned out to be less of what he should’ve been.

Once McNabb bought in the Eagles playbook became an open book to defensive coordinators and T.V. analysts. The Eagles had the personnel to be so much more. Reid featured Brian Westbrook in screen packages, but he never brought in a fullback to add protection. He had all-pro bookends in William (Tra) Thomas and Jon Runyan, but they were used primarily as pass blockers. We won’t get into the lack of a big play receiver during most of McNabb’s tenure.

Vick has one of the NFL’s best backs in LeSean McCoy and Reid uses him like he’s made of glass. Any offensive line’s strength lies in their run blocking which allows them to become the aggressor. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin aren’t as dangerous because of Vick’s inability to extend the play. But Reid continues to curse the thought of running the ball at the expense of his quarterback’s health and potentially his job.

Take a look at the rookie quarterback in Chocolate City and tell me who that used to be?

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Philly’s own Kevin Hart

5 Responses to “Tip-Off for 10/16/12 (featuring Kevin Hart): Michael Vick has allowed Andy Reid to make him a target”

  1. mapoui says:

    I for one did not expect the Reid leopard to change his tactical spots.

    and I still cannot see the option Vick has to change the coach’s designs for his play….on his own

    yes! Vick is in a terrible spot but at least he is being paid. he must find a way to live to enjoy the money… and that certainly appears to be a challenge at this time.

    the Eagles owner is incompetent but as owner he can get away with that charge.

    what about your coach you don’t know after a decade in his job?

    nothing that’s what. if his work was not good enough to win it all in that time he wont ever do it.

    Reids style is now known to all especially his opposition. if the Eagles owner wants a good decisive opinion on which to make a decision on Reid, let him pay the Giants for one. I am sure they wont lie to him! ha ha haha

    on that basis Reid should have been fired some years ago…and most certainly by last season.

    bringing Reid back certified this season the way it has gone. and it is likely to get worse..surely will get worse.

    I sincerely hope for the best for Vick, that he survives and makes an intelligent new coach, and Philadelphia, winners next season

  2. Michelle says:

    I agree with you 100%. Andy’s play calling knowing he has a terrible Oline is just ridiculous.. I know the defense has given up a couple leads lately but firing Juan??? He should have started with the special teams coach.. That group has stunk all year on both sides of the ball.

  3. mapoui says:

    Reid did say he is not done which some say means he is looking at Vick for a benching. I take it to mean special teams may get a negative look and a change.

    benching Vick however would be a terrible mistake. Reid should consider advice like RG’s above considering the state of Phillys’ offensive offensive line

    and I do think the Bowles can pull the defence together and get better out of it.

    but who made the defensive call on Sunday to change up the defence from what had worked for 3 quarters?

  4. publius africanus says:

    Watching Vick play this year makes me think Ron Jaworski has wired Vick’s house and is subliminally messaging “Stay in that pocket. Stay in that pocket.” I’ve given up hoping that someone in the media would call Andy Reid out on his Madden Madness of passing on nearly every down regardless of the situation or the score. There is no good reason McCoy is not getting at least 20-25 carries per game. Although Reid has seemingly achieved “Old Battleship” status I think he’s gone at the end of the season…unless he can make it as far as the NFC Championship game.

  5. Miranda says:

    Am I the only person that thinks Mike Florio has a little Vick doll that he sleeps with every night?

    is that just me?