Ron Glover’s Week 8 NFL Recap: Falcons remain undefeated; Andy Reid has lost his team

(Rob Maaddi/Associated Press)

Former Eagle Asante Samuel was victorious in his return to Philly.

The Atlanta Falcons won in Philadelphia for the first time in 24 years yesterday and it could not have come at a worse time for the Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid’s streak of 13 consecutive victories after a bye week came to a screeching halt as the Falcons dominated the Eagles 30-17.

Dolphins 30 – Jets 9 – The Dolphins proved Rex Ryan is all talk.

Browns 7 – Chargers 6 – Should’ve gone with my first thought and picked the Browns.

Colts 19 – Titans 13 – The Colts win a tough division game against an improving Titans squad.

Patriots 45 – Rams 7 – The Rams went across the pond and got a royal butt-whuppin’.

Packers 24 – Jaguars 15 – I think the Packers took it easy on the Jags yesterday.

Falcons 30 – Eagles 17 – The “Fire Andy” chants in the 4th quarter were deafening.

(Jason Bridge/US Presswire)

Not a good look.

Steelers 27 – Redskins 12 – The only thing criminal about this game were those Steelers uniforms.

Lions 28 – Seahawks 24 – Yesterday’s win kept the Lions season alive.

Bears 23 – Panthers 22 – Steve Smith dropped a TD pass that would’ve given the Panthers an upset win.

Raiders 26 – Chiefs 16 – I don’t know who the Raiders are anymore.

Giants 29 – Cowboys 24 – The negated touchdown catch by Dez Bryant was a thing of beauty. It is also the story of the Cowboys season.

Broncos 34 – Saints 24 – The Broncos are making their case to challenge in the AFC.

Tonight: 49ers at Cardinals 8:30 pm

7 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 8 NFL Recap: Falcons remain undefeated; Andy Reid has lost his team”

  1. ch555x says:

    Yeah, they should posterize that Dez catch to describe the ‘boys current run…

    Whatever happened to those NFL-75th throwbacks the Steelers wore during the ’94 season? Them and the Bears that year had some pretty cool jerseys (like the simplicity of current Bears throwbacks).

    Those London games are annoying. The only games I thought made sense were Toronto and Mexico City…that’s TOO easy!

  2. Temple3 says:

    Those uniforms are hideous. All they need is a cat burgular mask. I like what I see. I always liked Haley’s approach to offense. I also think that the deep offense for the Steelers is going to open up if Jonathan Dwyer can continue to run effectively. They have a lot of balance in the passing game because everyone is a threat to catch the ball. 9 guys caught balls yesterday.

    I’m still concerned about the defense, but they have held two fairly powerful passing teams (Cincinnati and Washington) to less than 200 yards each. They’re ranked 2nd against the pass and 2nd overall, but it’s all about turnovers and managing Sudden Change situations.

  3. Temple3 says:

    Carolina has some hard luck. Smith dropped that touchdown (great throw), and he also slipped on a route that the Bears intercepted and ran into the end zone. That’s 14-points in a 1-point game. They probably “should have” beaten the Bears last year in Chicago as well. Learning how to win is a tough thing to do. Some teams know how to do it, some don’t. Also, they were lucky to recover that fumble in the end zone. Cam cost them a win vs. Atlanta by failing to hang on to the rock at the end of the game.

    Last week, I was telling folks about how ESPN’s QBR rating distorts performance because it includes a weighting for wins and clutch performance that often have nothing to do with the QB. Newton threw 2 perfect, on-time passes that were incomplete and intercepted — and effectively lost the game, but those stats won’t capture the weight of the game performance accurately.

    So, it is what it is.

  4. RBD says:

    Is there anybody in Atlanta who still longs for the days of Vick and laments the presence of Ryan as the Falcons’ QB?

  5. Miranda says:

    RBD….Every jersey retailer in the city and the vendors at the Dome.

  6. ks says:


    I see you. : ) Indeed. Also, as if the comparison is just a simplistic one of Ryan vs. Vick one. The Falcons are pretty loaded.

  7. Origin says:

    @ Miranda – Yep sista that money ain’t the same. But reality will hit the Falcons and their fans when the Bears or the Giants get in that tail come playoff time on the way to play Peyton in the home coming superbowl (N.O.).

    @ Ks – The team is loaded. Everytime the Falcolns lose in the playoffs old man Arthur adds some more weapons for Matty melts like ice.

    @ Temple – The Panthers have been in a lot of games since Rivera has been the coach. The thing is either the offense comes up short or the defense can’t help the offense by keeping the lead. Whether that is in Atl this year or last year vs the Saints. I really don’t have a problem with this game. The offense finally came out in a pro offense and none of that read option crap. Cam threw for 300 yards and they put up 400 plus yards against the number 1 defense in the league. Even with the ints Cam looked a whole lot better than when he was running that zone read. Plus the Bears have made QBs look like trash the whole year and Cam was still able to put up 300 yards.