Tip-Off for 10/30/12 (featuring Pharrell and Snoop Dogg): Why I’m in favor of benching Michael Vick

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Reid’s next move could be his last as head coach of the Eagles.

Even without turning the ball over in Sunday’s loss to Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is still facing the reality of being benched. Head coach Andy Reid is also under pressure to turn the season around after being put on notice that finishing the season at .500 is unacceptable.

When Reid fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, he hinted that more changes were coming. Benching Michael Vick is not the answer, but I’m in favor of it.

Andy Reid is the captain on a fast sinking ship. Water has filled the deck faster that he can get rid of it. Time and options are dwindling. In a panic, Reid has begun to throw men overboard to stay afloat. Absorbed in desperation, he fails to discuss the source of the problem.

Ousted defensive coordinator Juan Castillo was a casualty who should not have been. The man who spent 18 years in the organization was blamed for fielding a defense that broke down at critical moments in the game. Despite its lack of a blitz and low sack total, the defense was allowing around 17 points per contest at the time of Castillo’s departure.

The focus is now on Vick who has taken a merciless beating this season. Three-fifths of the Eagles offensive line is injured, affecting the rhythm and timing of the offense as well as the health of Vick. The obvious answer is to run the ball, especially when LeSean McCoy is one of the league’s best. Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s  disdain for the ground game is baffling. Does the playbook even feature a screen pass? Something the Eagles mastered for years.

Replacing Vick with rookie backup Nick Foles will not have players fearful for their jobs or add any motivation. Reid’s obvious acts of desperation will only increase the distance between himself and the players. 

Foles, who isn’t as mobile as Vick won’t fare better with an offensive line that has allowed the starter to take more hits than any quarterback in the NFL. Rest assured, when Foles goes under center the offensive script will change to keep the rook in one piece. Translated, the Eagles will run the ball at a premium.

If it comes down to Michael Vick taking a seat, I’m fine with it. Vick’s turnovers are not the reason the Eagles are 4-3, but he’ll still get the bulk of the blame. I felt the same in the final days of Donovan McNabb in Midnight Green, it’s just time to move on.

Everyone but the guy at the top gets blamed, from Terrell Owens to McNabb to Castillo and Vick, Reid has escaped with the blessings of Jeffrey Lurie.

For 14 years, the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles has carried himself with the disposition that he’s smarter than everyone else. To the point where questioning  of his actions or motives carried serious consequences.

In what are possibly his final months on the Eagles sideline, Andy Reid may have finally outsmarted himself.  

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