Tip-Off for 11/15/12 (featuring Janelle Monae): Chris Paul’s third quarter outburst pushes Clippers past Heat 107-100

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Caron Butler and the Clippers seemed to have all the answers against the Heat.

A hot third quarter for Chris Paul proved to be huge for the Los Angeles Clippers against the Miami Heat. Paul scored 13 points in the pivotal period as the Clippers would hold on for a 107-100 victory. LeBron James led the Heat with 30 points.

Pistons 94 – 76ers 76 – The Pistons notched their first win of the season behind Greg Monroe’s 19 points and 18 rebounds. The Sixers — who shot 29 percent from the floor were led by Lavoy Allen with 14 points.

Celtics 98 – Jazz 93 – Paul Pierce led the Celtics with 23 points. Rajon Rondo finished with 10 assists before leaving the game with an ankle injury. Paul Milsap led the Jazz with 20 points.

Bucks 99 – Pacers 85 – The Pacers continue to struggle without Danny Granger. Ekpe Udoh led the Bucks with 7 boards and Monta Ellis led the team with 16 points. Tyler Hansbrough led Indiana with 17.

Rockets 100 – Hornets 96 – Greivis Vasquez finished with 24 points and 9 assists to lead the Hornets. James Harden led the Rockets with 30 points.

Grizzlies 107 – Thunder 97 – This was a big win on the road for the Grizzlies. Rudy Gay led the visitors with 28 points. Kevin Durant finished with 34 points and 10 rebounds for the Thunder.

Bobcats 89 – Timberwolves 87 – Kemba Walker knocked down a 18-footer with .07 seconds remaining in regulation to give the Bobcats their third win in a row. Walker led the Bobcats with 22 points. Andrei Kirilenko led the Wolves with 26 points and 12 boards.

Mavs 107 – Wizards 101 – Jordan Crawford led the Wizards with 21 points. O.J. Mayo paced the Mavs with 25.

Bulls 112 – Suns 106 – The Suns outscored the Bulls 31-17 to force overtime. Carlos Boozer led the Bulls with 28 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. Luis Scola led the Suns with 24.

Warriors 92 – Hawks 88 – Harrison Barnes led Golden State with 19 points and 13 boards. Lou Williams led the Hawks with 18 points and 6 assists.

Clippers 107 – Heat 100 – Blake Griffin led the Clippers with 15 rebounds. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade combined for 17 points on 5 for 23 shooting. 

The Lineup: 

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This young lady is going places!

2 Responses to “Tip-Off for 11/15/12 (featuring Janelle Monae): Chris Paul’s third quarter outburst pushes Clippers past Heat 107-100”

  1. mapoui says:

    I am loving the Laker trouble. sweet! ha ha ha

    despite Kareem and Magic the Lakers have never been my team.

    and now that Kobe of the Death Stare is my love to hate bogeyman, I cant wait for another beat-down for him this year: no play-offs…. or even better: 1-and-done

    ha hahaha

  2. Origin says:

    HAHA Mapoui good one. Its certain things in sports that are guaranteed.

    1.) Golden boy QBs having offensive weapons
    2.) A black athlete turned into a super villian
    3.) The Yankees having stacked teams
    4.) The lakers making the playoffs