Tip-Off for 11/23/12 (featuring Andre 3000): Texans, Redskins and Patriots eat heavy leaving the Lions, Cowboys and Jets with the giblets

(NY Post) 

I’ve awakened from my Tryotphan-induced sleep to recap yesterday’s NFL action.

If Jim Schwartz had waited, dinner would’ve tasted a little better yesterday.

A decision to challenge a reviewable play by Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz shifted the momentum of a contest his team has under control. The Texans would rally and play their second overtime game in as many weeks, defeating the Lions 34-31.

RG3 and the Redskins are going to be a problem in the NFC East.

Robert Griffin III passed for four more touchdown passes as the Washington Redskins broke a 6-game losing streak against the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. The Redskins stunned the Cowboys 38-31.

The Jets folly of errors made Thanksgiving dinner hard to digest for the NY faithful.

The NY Jets were in a giving mood last night while the Patriots capitalized on turnover after turnover. The Patriots scored 35 points in the second quarter on their way to blowing out the Jets 49-19.

The Lineup:

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Spike Lee’s documentary ‘Bad25’ (In Flex We Trust).

Jeff Green preparing to face former teams (NBA Pro Talk).

Another Nike release (Nike Blog).

Matt Flynn says he’s happy in Seattle (Black Sports Online).


Andre 3000

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