Oh so the Eagles season is all Michael Vick’s fault? Philly fans, what reality did you miss?

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This was written the morning before Michael Vick suffered a concussion. All stats are indicative.

Just to further drive what should be a driven to the point home, I can’t believe you all fell for the “Michael Vick holds the ball too long and that’s why he gets hit too much” trick. That that is the reason the team sucks this year trick. That you run with this illogical “well…he’s the QB so since this is a QB driven league, he gets all the credit and also all the blame.” Trick…

Go sitchoass down.

Think about how stupid that is in any instance. As if the paradigm isn’t much deeper and can’t be defined more thoroughly because if you do, you’ll eventually stumble upon the real reasons for a lack of success…and even success. What about what Michael Vick did do early in the season? That other QB’s weren’t doing. That you never said he gave the defense 5 fourth quarter leads late in those first 5 and Philly won only three. That he was never called gritty, brave or anything else adulatory for sacrificing his body to get the city first downs despite hearing it everywhere that he has to protect himself more. He’s led the team to 20 more first downs than teams they’ve played (176-156). The Eagles have out-gained the opposition 2,991 to 2,748 yards. Rushing? Eagles 1,045,  opponents 913 yards. Passing? Philadelphia 1,946 to 1,835 yards. More Eagles passing? 179 completed, 307 attempts, 9 picks, 6.8 average. Opposition? 162 – 282 – 7 – 6.8.

Yes there is a -9 turnover ratio and yes opponents have 18 TD’s to Philly’s unacceptable 13.

The defense has just 11 sacks. The opposition 27. Leads were not protected. Punt returns: Eagles 6.7 average a return (a long of 20 yards), opponents 12.0 (48 yard long). Kick off returns: Eagles 26 returns for 518 yards (19.9 average) and a long of 31 yards. Opponents: 24 returns for 658 yards (27.4 yard average) and a 53 yard long.

Imagine where the conversation would be now if you weren’t parroting it’s all Michael Vick’s fault. The division is still winnable (not any more). Look at the division champ records the last few seasons and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. The nation saw what’s going on here in Philly during the New Orleans game and is finally writing about what cats like me (I wasn’t the only one) were saying after week one. Was it because of Mike’s past that you wouldn’t allow yourself to objectively analyze all kinds of Philadelphia Eagle red flags? Do you all even know who Romo’s back up is? How about Stafford, Rivers, Bradford, Ponder, Gabbert, Palmer or Dalton? Is there a national call for their jobs? What are their combined records?


Don’t give me the big contract stuff because Cam Newton (small market) and Mark Sanchez aren’t breaking any banks and are almost excoriated to the extent of Vick. These NFL QB’s should be on the clock as well as many coaches but this region allowed themselves to be played on the national front page as if no civilized world existed around the pride and intelligent passion we all know lives here. We also know an irrational and stereotypical, if you will, perception soils the characterization of the true Philadelphia sports fan and that’s how the nation views Philly. Santa Claus who? Snowball what? The Eagles became the NFL’s distraction. Mike took everybody’s heated shade and instead of the narrative being all about him, the story should have been NFL parity

Will our minds ever leave the gutter? Will the lazy story always be the one leading off sports shows we dig and love? Will realistic sports truth ever exist? Will Andy Reid ever get in his big dumb ass that LeSean McCoy is great and he should run him on the goal line (even if stopped on first and second and goal) after a 2011 20 TD (rushing and passing) season?

How many turnovers or sacks has the defense accumulated?

Not much?


Lets talk truth surrounding the Eagles…

Does Mike try to make the big play every play (most elite talents do this) and should hit something underneath more often? Should your leader be more careful with the ball? Of course. Check.

Asante is gone and with him an opportunistic ball hawking defense? Check.

Bad decision despite a history of allowing players his age to leave?

How about a rush or an inside blitz being successful just in one big situation? No? Check?

Offensive line couldn’t block somebody on twitter (credit to Barry Milburn). Check.

No big receivers over the middle (something said before and after Terrell Owens)? Check.

Jukebox (DeSean Jackson) has two touchdowns after all that gabbbbbage he talked last year about playing without a contract? Check.

Jeremy Maclin just called for the trainer again? Check.

Brent Celeck has to stay in and block no matter how talented he is as a pass catcher? Check.

Fewer screen passes? An Eagles Andy Reid staple in the McNabb era? Again, Shady McCoy is underutilized? Check.

Few chips on defensive edge rushers knowing the offensive line is banged up? Why is Bryce Brown on this team if you’re not using him for protection (look at the dip in Vick’s production since Leonard Weaver went down in ’10. It’s not coincidental)? Goodness. Check.

Firing your offensive line coach…uh…my bad…defensive coordinator Juan Castillo in the middle of the season? ”I put Juan in this situation and things didn’t work out the way I had hoped,” Reid said. ”I take full responsibility for putting him in that situation.” OK Andy…


Nnamdi Asomugha and Antonio Rogers-Cromartie exposed because front seven are getting zero pressure on the QB? Check.

Special teams epic failure allowing the opposition the greatest of field position? Check.

Jeffrie Lurie given another pass while y’all bitch about and laugh at Jerry Jones? Check.

But…this is just sports and because it’s just sports, logic no longer applies huh?


Philadelphia fans, what will you say today after the Eagles win or loss vs. the most hated rival Dallas Cowboys? Both teams are underachieving and enter the game at 3-5. Will you finally begin to see it’s not simply a quarterback problem here or will you realize the same band aid placed on this team has been tattered and torn since 1999? We’ll see. Michael Vick has obviously not had a good season. Do you need that repeated? I will if you want me to do so. Ok…Michael Vick has obviously not had a good season, but if the focus remains on him, the organization will skate yet again. I understand fans just want a winner. I understand some fans are with their friends throwing a couple back and don’t have the patience or need to dissect a game play by play. Sports is therapy from a hard work week. I get it but understand with that logic, you too open yourselves up to criticism. Fans need to look at everything on the field. Please use your minds.  Just do me one favor and please take off the Vick colored glasses. If you do, there is a great chance you might see the ineptitude of Andy Reid and yes…Jeffrie Lurie.

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  2. Isuoport7 says:

    What makes it even worse blacks are being used to talk about him not deserving the contract. The Eagles will never win anything if they dump him! KARMA

  3. MODI says:

    Miz, just catching this one. spot on all the way. Calling it out all the way. and the silver lining with Foles starting is that now the world can see what they should have already seen