Ron Glover’s Week 17 NFL Recap: The stage is set for the second season

Posted in Blogroll on December 31st, 2012 by Ron Glover

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From RG3’s vantage point, there is only one way for the Redskins to go.

The Washington Redskins became the 12th and final team to enter the NFL playoffs with a 28-18 victory last night over the Dallas Cowboys. The win gave the Redskins the NFC East crown and their first playoff appearance since 1999.

Chuck Pagano returned to the sidelines yesterday and the Indianapolis Colts continued their winning ways defeating the Houston Texans 28-16.

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Tip-Off for 12/31/12 (featuring Kool and the Gang): DeMarcus Cousins puts troubles aside to grab an Oscar; Clippers win streak hits 17

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DeMarcus Cousins slams home two of his twelve points on the way to a triple-double.

Life in the NBA has not been the greatest of adjustments for Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins. While his talent has no ceiling, his maturity has kept him from reaching higher heights. Last night Cousins posted his first career triple-double as the Kings stunned the Boston Celtics 118-96.

The LA Clippers pushed the season-high winning streak to 17 games with a 107-96 victory over the Utah Jazz.

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Roberto Clemente: No greater love

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Roberto Clemente’s effort on the field paled in his commitment to aid his fellow man.

Forty years ago Roberto Clemente Walker boarded a plane headed to earthquake-ravaged Managua, Nicaragua to deliver supplies to needy victims. The Douglas DC-7 carrying only Clemente, the pilot and supplies crashed into the ocean off the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico moments after takeoff. Clemente’s body was never recovered.

In the decades following his untimely death, baseball and sports has been unsuccessful in filling the void left by this extraordinary man.

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Andy Reid out as Eagles Head Coach

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After weeks of speculation, (and anticipation) Andy Reid has been fired.

Andy Reid’s fourteen-year tenure as coach of the Philadelphia Eagles came to an end nearly two hours after the Birds were thumped by the New York Giants 42-7 in their season finale.

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Ron Glover’s Week 17 NFL Picks: All or nothing

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The NFC East crown will come down to the experienced Tony Romo or the unflappable Robert Griffin III.

OTAs, training camp, draft and free agency, roster cuts, preseason games, more roster cuts, opening day, winning streaks and losing streaks. Busted plays, blown calls, season-ending injuries, trade rumors, quarterback controversies and potential coaching changes.

A four-month odyssey concludes tomorrow for 20 NFL teams. The remaining dozen begin a four-week trek ending in confetti champagne and glory. The task is simple, win or prepare for next season. The AFC playoff picture is set as Sunday’s contests will only fine tune things. The NFC remains murky with the East up for grabs and others looking for help.

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Adrian Peterson: Chasing Immortals

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Adrian Peterson’s miracle season has him on the cusp of Eric Dickerson’s record 2,105 yards.

When Adrian Peterson went down in a heap at Fed Ex Field last Christmas Eve, the early prognosis on his shredded left knee was a recovery time of nine to twelve months. In the days, weeks and months following, guarded speculation turned into heightened anticipation rather quickly.

The 2012 NFL season was supposed to be a dress rehearsal for A. P.  to work his way back into an NFL groove. Instead, he has composed a timely masterpiece — becoming the greatest threat to Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing mark.

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Tip-Off for 12/28/12 (featuring The O’Jays): Thunder rally to defeat Mavericks in overtime; Clippers rout Celtics

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OKC’s dynamic duo has combined for 117 points in their last two games

The Oklahoma City Thunder got more than they expected from a game Dallas Mavericks squad. The Thunder gave up big first and third quarters to the visitors. OKC was to prevail in overtime 111-105.

It looks like the Los Angeles Clippers are doing their best to put the Pacific Division out of reach as soon as possible. Last night, the Boston Celtics found out these are not the same ol’ Clippers. The hosts crushed the Celtics 106-77.

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Tip-Off for 12/27/12 (featuring Janet Jackson): Surging Rockets post 5th win in row; J.R. Smith shoots down Suns

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J.R. Smith shoots, scores and salsas for the Knicks.

The Houston Rockets, fresh off a blow-out win over the Chicago Bulls Christmas night continued their Midwest swing against the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Rockets held their hosts to 37 second half points in an 87–84 victory.

NY Knicks sniper J.R. Smith dropped his second buzzer-beater this month as the Knicks — who were minus Raymond Felton and Carmelo Anthony defeated the Phoenix Suns 99-97.

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Tip-Off for 12/26/12 (featuring The Meaning of Kwanzaa): Clippers soar to 15th straight win in holiday nightcap

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Jamal Crawford unwrapped his share of ankles in last night’s victory.

After the gifts, dinner, dessert and laughs, the Los Angeles Clippers treated those who were able stay up to a late night high-wire show. The Clippers twisted, twirled and dunked their way to a 112-100 victory over the visiting Denver Nuggets.

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Tip-Off for 12/24/12 (featuring The Temptations): Dirk Nowitzki returns, but Spurs gun down Mavericks.

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The Mavericks with Dirk and O.J. Mayo should be a tough matchup as the season goes on.

After missing the first 27 games, former MVP Dirk Nowitzki returned to the the Dallas Mavericks lineup for the first time this season last night. The Mavericks sharpshooter scored 8 points and grabbed six boards in about 20 minutes of action. In the end, it was the San Antonio Spurs feasting on 20 three-point field goals in a 129-91 victory.

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Ron Glover’s Week 16 NFL Picks: Down the stretch they come!

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The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to turn the Pittsburgh Steelers’ season upside down.

We’re closing in on Week 16 of a wacky NFL season where nothing has been guaranteed. Some teams have crashed and burned, while others have started off hot, tailed off and picked up the pace again. There are two weeks left in the season with a few divisions still up for grabs. Rule nothing out at this point.

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Jovan Belcher, Adam Lanza and the “Manhood Crisis” at the Heart of Recent Tragedies: The Jackson Katz interview, part II

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Part II of my interview with activist/scholar Jackson Katz. Part I can be read here. – CA


Kassandra Perkins with their three-month-old daughter Zoey (left) and Jovon Belcher (right)

Elite Daily photo

The Starting Five is a website that provides sports fans with an alternative to the popular Internet social and sports readings of the day.

I wanted to ask you about the tragic deaths of Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins earlier this month. What was your reaction when you heard about the murder-suicide?

Of course I was sad to hear about yet another domestic violence tragedy. They happen all the time, though most of the time it’s just a local story, people hear about it, shrug their shoulders, and move on to the next news event. But I thought there was something about this one that made it stand out, even beyond the obvious fact that it involved a high-profile professional athlete. No one could pretend it was just a “private matter,” since Belcher killed himself in front of his coach and general manager, which means it spilled over directly into the workplace. It must have been — still must be — very traumatic for the individuals involved, not to mention for a whole lot of other people who knew the couple, his teammates, Chiefs fans, etc. Because it was just so tragic, including the orphaning of a three-month old, I thought it might spark an increased commitment from the League to address the issue of men’s violence against women more proactively than in the past.

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Tip-Off for 12/21/12 (featuring Nat King Cole): Wolves snap Thunder’s win streak at 12 games

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(USA Today)

A nicked up J.J. Barea was able to see his way to 18 points against the Thunder.

The Oklahoma City Thunder had their 12-game winning streak snapped by the Minnesota Timberwolves last night. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 66 points. J.J. Barea’s big fourth quarter allowed Minnesota to put the Thunder away 99-93.

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Tip-Off for 12/20/12 (featuring Run DMC): Paul Pierce hits the Cavs up for 40; Nets’ struggles continue in loss to Knicks

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“The Truth” still hurts.

We’ve seen a noticeable decline in Paul Pierce due to age and injuries in recent seasons. Last night Pierce took us back to a time when “The Truth” mattered scoring a season-high 40 points and grabbed 8 rebounds as the Boston Celtics pounded the Cleveland Cavaliers 103-93.

The Brooklyn Nets dropped their second game to the New York Knicks in as many weeks with a 100-86 defeat. The loss was the Nets eighth in their last ten games.

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Tip-Off for 12/19/12 (featuring Fat Albert): Joakim Noah and Jordan Crawford add triple-doubles to their impressive first halves

Posted in Blogroll on December 19th, 2012 by Ron Glover

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Joakim Noah’s breakout season may include an All-Star appearance.

The Chicago Bulls are adjusting to life without point guard Derrick Rose the best way they know how. In his absence, teammates have stepped their game up and the Bulls are the top team in the NBA’s Central Division. Joakim Noah literally stands in the middle of the Bulls success. Last night, the energetic center posted his first career triple-double in Chicago’s victory over Boston.

The case is the same for the Washington Wizards who may be without their star point guard John Wall for the remainder of the season. The results have not been as favorable, but coach Randy Wittman may have uncovered a gem in third year shooting guard Jordan Crawford. In the Wizards loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Crawford notched his second career triple-double.

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