Ron Glover’s Thursday Night NFL Pick: Denver Broncos (9-3) vs. Oakland Raiders (3-9): If you can find a reason to watch, good for you


Peyton Manning and the Broncos are looking for a season sweep of the Raiders.

There was once a time where the Broncos and Raiders getting it on meant the AFC West title hung in the balance. Nowadays, it triggers a search for the remote control to see what else is happening. Tonight could be one of those nights.

The Raiders best chance for an upset lies in the return of running back Darren McFadden. McFadden missed the last four games with a high-ankle sprain. Carson Palmer needs to spend his evening handing off to McFadden, then pick his spots with the hopes of catching the Broncos secondary napping. The Raiders have lost five straight games and are headed to their tenth consecutive season without a playoff appearance.

Palmer has his own demons to exercise when it comes to the Broncos. In his own four-game skid against Denver, Palmer has thrown five touchdowns and seven picks. McFadden was held to 34 yards on 13 carries when the teams met earlier this season. Prior to that game, McFadden had averaged 144 yards in three previous meetings.

The Raiders are last in scoring defense. They are 28th against the run and 25th against the pass.

If the Broncos are smart they will not let the Raiders hang around. Oakland has been outscored 189-96 in their last five games. If they can shut down the run and keep McFadden in check, Carson Palmer will be theirs for the taking.

Peyton Manning shredded the Raiders in their September 30th meeting. The NFL Comeback Player of the Year candidate was 30 for 38 for 338 yards and three touchdowns in a 37-6 thumping.    

Despite the futility of the Raiders, the Broncos still have plenty to play for tonight. Denver is fourth among the AFC division leaders behind Houston, New England and Baltimore (due to tie breakers). The Broncos still have a great shot of finishing undefeated in the division.

Prediction: I don’t expect Oakland to hang around too long. I won’t discount the Raiders completely, but this is a team that gives up points at a ridiculous rate and Manning will look to take advantage once again.

Broncos 33 – Raiders 17

8 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Thursday Night NFL Pick: Denver Broncos (9-3) vs. Oakland Raiders (3-9): If you can find a reason to watch, good for you”

  1. D. N. says:

    wow only 17 really? I wish I didnt have to agree with you

  2. mapoui says:

    Raiders defence got some game…this game would be tied or close to it but for Carson Palmer’s mistakes

  3. mapoui says:

    Palmer is getting booed by the Raider faithful. he just missed an open receiver completely.

    Manning does not appear to be having a better game. The Raiders could have been very competitive in this game but for Palmer’s play.

  4. mapoui says:

    Charlie Batch against Baltimore on Sunday was poetic justice, a conspiracy of the fates to ensure Batch passed these football confines in the splendour he deserves.

    ha ha ha ha!

    serioulsy… I have watched Batch play in limited opportunities over the years, was immediately impressed by what they call poise… on his part. I always knew that whenever Batch had to play the Steelers could afford to be confident, they would not suffer too much of a loss in quality with the game in the hands of Batch.

    which is why I could not understand why Tomlin did not sit Ben last year, especially in that play-off game against Denver. Charlie would have beaten that Tebow fella.

    you guys did not think so. I had no doubt at all. Batch is perfect as a back up..and would have had a very good, if not great career as a starter. Batch can sit for years and pop up and play well.

    Batch was never troubled by concerns of being a back-up, not playing, carrying clip boards, relegated to third string and so on. Batch is better than Leftwich, far more durable physically and should have been second call not third.

    but no mind….the spirits over things always see and know, and throw little, sweet crumbs to balance accounts for us all. Charlie’s crumb was Sunday against T Suggs and the monster Ravens defence.

    Charlie, with a one game tightener demonstrated what he has had all these years, quietly, all his skills, experience and POISE and gave the Steelers a chance, even to win the division.

    this is Charlie’s last year as I have heard…and big Ben is back this Sunday. so last week was Charlie’s goodbye. “Mirab..with Sails Unfurled” Charlie. you don’t know me but it has been a pleasure knowing you!

  5. Miranda says:

    It may be just me, but dammit Charlie Batch belongs in the HOF. LOL, he totally does!

  6. publius africanus says:

    I remember last year about the time of the Carson Palmer trade someone said that because of that the Raiders would be a team on the decline and the Bengals would be on the rise with the help of those draft picks. Whoever that was I’d like to congratulate them for being dead on the money. From being one win away from the playoffs to being one win better than their worst season ever. I’ve NEVER seen a team take such a turn for the worst so fast. Yet some Raiders fans actually want to give Dennis Allen another season after Hue Jackson was run out of town with a 8-8 record.

  7. mapoui says:

    Publius…I would have fired Jackson for that trade alone, but there was so much more.

    that trade was too expensive for no immediate results..which is what was the whole point about it for the raiders..immediate results, making the play-offs.
    to be honest with you, in my estimation it was a jackass trade.

    McNabb was available and he could have produced good immediate results.. fit and ready as he was, to play. and McNabb would have been much cheaper

    Palmer had not played in a considerable period of time and simply could not produce any play of value for the Raiders in time.

    and for Jackson to have paid that much for him was equal to sabotage and he rightly lost his job

    I was hoping for what’s his name to hire Perry Fewell. he did not even give him a look.

    I am surprised the Raiders have not played better and won more games. I am not impressed with Allen.

    I compare the Raiders with the Colts..and look at where the Colts are with an almost complete re-tooling. the raiders have a lot more experienced personnel, and Palmer. they should have showed up

  8. mapoui says:

    HOF for Batch eh,

    Very interesting contention!