Tip-Off for 12/6/12 (featuring KB24): Kobe Bryant becomes the youngest player to reach 30,000 points in Lakers victory

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Money Shot: Kobe Bryant fades away on Robin Lopez to score his 30,000th point.

The legend of Kobe Bean Bryant continues to be written before our very eyes. Last night, he became the youngest player to reach the 30,000 point plateau, the fourth Los Angeles Laker to do so (if you really want to count Karl Malone). Of course the most important stat for Bryant was the Lakers defeating the New Orleans Hornets 103-87.

One day when his career is over Bryant will have the opportunity to take in all he has given us. The only thing I can say is he’s in for one hell of a video session.

Knicks 100 – Bobcats 98 – J.R. Smith’s bucket at the horn pushed the Knicks win streak to four games. Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 23 points and Tyson Chandler grabbed 17 rebounds. Kemba Walker led the Bobcats with 25 points.

Pacers 98 – Blazers 92 – Paul George led the Pacers with 22 points and 5 boards. Damian Lillard scored 23 points for the Blazers.

Celtics 104 – Timberwolves 94 – Rajon Rondo returned to the Celtics lineup after a two-game suspension. Rondo finished with 11 assists. Paul Pierce led the C’s with 18 points. Minnesota’s Kevin Love led all players with 19 points and 13 boards.

Warriors 104 – Pistons 97 – Klay Thompson led Golden State and all scorers with 27 points. Steph Curry handed out 10 assists. The Warriors are one game behind the division-leading Clippers. Tashawn Prince led Detroit with 24 points.

Hawks 108 – Nuggets 104 – Ty Lawson scored 32 points and handed out 7 dimes for the Nuggets — who are one game below .500. Al Horford led the victorious Hawks with 25 points.

Bulls 95 – Cavs 85 – Marco Belinelli led the Bulls with 25 points. Joakim Noah grabbed 15 rebounds. Donald Sloan led the Cavs with 14 points.

Lakers 103 – Hornets 87 – Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 29 points, Chris Duhon handed out 10 assists. Ryan Anderson led all scorers with 31 points.

Spurs 110 – Bucks 99 – Gary Neal scored 22 points and Matt Bonner grabbed 12 boards for the Spurs. Monta Ellis led the Bucks with 21 points.

Jazz 87 – Magic 81 – Al Jefferson led the victorious Jazz with 31 points and 15 rebounds. Nick Vucevic grabbed 16 rebounds for the Magic.

Kings 107 – Raptors 100 – DeMarcus Cousins scored 25 points and grabbed 13 rebounds for the Kings. Kyle Lowry handed out 11 assists and led all scorers with 34 points.

Clippers 112 – Mavs 90 – Jamal Crawford led all scorers with 20 points and Chris Paul handed out 13 assists. Vince Carter led the Mavs with 16 points.

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“I’m a scorer, that’s what I do” – Kobe Bryant

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