Ron Glover’s Week 16 NFL Picks: Down the stretch they come!


The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to turn the Pittsburgh Steelers’ season upside down.

We’re closing in on Week 16 of a wacky NFL season where nothing has been guaranteed. Some teams have crashed and burned, while others have started off hot, tailed off and picked up the pace again. There are two weeks left in the season with a few divisions still up for grabs. Rule nothing out at this point.

Sunday December 23, 2012, Games beginning with 1:00 pm:

Atlanta Falcons (12-2) at Detroit Lions (4-10) – The Lions showed me something last weekend against the Rams. Matt Ryan’s head better be on a swivel.

Falcons 24 – Lions 20  

Tennessee Titans (5-9) at Green Bay Packers (10-4) – The Pack better be careful here. It’s not like they walked all over the Bears last week.

Packers 33 – Titans 17 

Minnesota Vikings (8-6) at Houston Texans (12-2) – I can see Adrian Peterson running for 150 yards on Sunday just because the Texans front four are going to give Christian Ponder hell.

Texans 29 – Vikings 16

St. Louis Rams (6-7-1) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-8) – Two teams who should be in the thick of their division races next season. 

Bucs 24 – Rams 23

Washington Redskins (8-6) at Philadelphia Eagles (4-10) – Andy Reid ain’t goin’ out like that in his last home game as coach of the Birds. No way!

Eagles 24 – Redskins 20

New Orleans Saints (6-8) at Dallas Cowboys (8-6) – Dangerous game for the ‘Boys here. They have the horses and the momentum to pull this out. Besides, Dez Bryant is on a roll.

Cowboys 31 – Saints 23

San Diego Chargers (5-9) at NY Jets (6-8) – Rex Ryan and the Jets Execs ruined this team. They deserve nothing.

Chargers 23 – Jets 10

Oakland Raiders (4-10) at Carolina Panthers (5-9) – It’s still possible for the Panthers to finish second in the division.

Panthers 30 – Raiders 21

Buffalo Bills (5-8) at Miami Dolphins (6-8) –  Would keeping Chad Johnson have made a difference in Miami making the playoffs?

Dolphins 27 – Bills 14

Cincinnati Bengals (8-6) at Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7) – I hope I’m wrong, but the loss to the Cowboys last week may have been the kill shot to the Steelers season.

Steelers 23 – Bengals 21

New England Patriots (10-4) at Jacksonville Jaguars (2-12) – Brady and the gang will be playing up until the final minutes of this season, attempting to lock down home field throughout the playoffs.

Indianapolis Colts (9-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (2-12) – Gotta win Sunday. Wouldn’t be fair for Chuck Pagano to be walking back into a must-win situation.

Colts 26 – Chiefs 7

Games beginning at 4:05 or later:

Cleveland Browns (5-9) at Denver Broncos (11-3) – Shoot man! The Broncos may not lose again.

Broncos 24 – Browns 13

NY Giants (8-6) at Baltimore Ravens (9-5) – The Giants have played themselves into a hole leaving no margin for error.

Ravens 17 – Giants 13

Chicago Bears (8-6) at Arizona Cardinals (5-9) – Someone cue Dennis Green!

Bears 23 – Cardinals 21

Monday December 24, 2012 at 8:30 pm:

San Francisco 49ers (10-3-1) at Seattle Seahawks (9-5) – Seattle has the Niners right where they want them.

Seahawks 22 – 49ers 16

Last Week: 8-8

2012 Season 135 -88-1

4 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 16 NFL Picks: Down the stretch they come!”

  1. D. N. says:

    Agree with every one of them this time!

  2. MICHELLE says:


  3. mapoui says:

    the Colts make the post season…proving Robert Irsay to be a most competent owner and thinker on football.

    the Steelers fail due to bad play by big Ben on his return from injury. this is 2 years running the Ben has caused the Steelers important losses.

    I trust Tomlin is paying attention and prepared to recondition his total fous on Ben as Steeler QB. it may be time for new blood.

    Charlie Batch would have won the play-off game against Denver last year. and he would have taken the Steelers to the post season this year.

    also its likely that a long run in making the post season has begun for Cincinati with all the young talent on that team.

    Steelers have some rebuilding to do. hopefully they don’t take too long.

    Mike Shannahan and his son have done a real good job for Washington this season. the Skins are going to be a team to reckon with for some years to come.

  4. mapoui says:

    Pete Carroll knows what he is doing. what a coaching job. never anticipated anything of the sort from the man.

    a very enjoyable revelation.

    I haven’t enjoyed a development in football for a long time as I have enjoyed improvement of Seattle this season.

    tremendous football season overall. one of the best in my time