Ron Glover’s Week 17 NFL Recap: The stage is set for the second season

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From RG3’s vantage point, there is only one way for the Redskins to go.

The Washington Redskins became the 12th and final team to enter the NFL playoffs with a 28-18 victory last night over the Dallas Cowboys. The win gave the Redskins the NFC East crown and their first playoff appearance since 1999.

Chuck Pagano returned to the sidelines yesterday and the Indianapolis Colts continued their winning ways defeating the Houston Texans 28-16.

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Tip-Off for 12/31/12 (featuring Kool and the Gang): DeMarcus Cousins puts troubles aside to grab an Oscar; Clippers win streak hits 17

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DeMarcus Cousins slams home two of his twelve points on the way to a triple-double.

Life in the NBA has not been the greatest of adjustments for Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins. While his talent has no ceiling, his maturity has kept him from reaching higher heights. Last night Cousins posted his first career triple-double as the Kings stunned the Boston Celtics 118-96.

The LA Clippers pushed the season-high winning streak to 17 games with a 107-96 victory over the Utah Jazz.

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Roberto Clemente: No greater love

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Roberto Clemente’s effort on the field paled in his commitment to aid his fellow man.

Forty years ago Roberto Clemente Walker boarded a plane headed to earthquake-ravaged Managua, Nicaragua to deliver supplies to needy victims. The Douglas DC-7 carrying only Clemente, the pilot and supplies crashed into the ocean off the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico moments after takeoff. Clemente’s body was never recovered.

In the decades following his untimely death, baseball and sports has been unsuccessful in filling the void left by this extraordinary man.

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