Ron Glover’s Week 17 NFL Recap: The stage is set for the second season

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From RG3’s vantage point, there is only one way for the Redskins to go.

The Washington Redskins became the 12th and final team to enter the NFL playoffs with a 28-18 victory last night over the Dallas Cowboys. The win gave the Redskins the NFC East crown and their first playoff appearance since 1999.

Chuck Pagano returned to the sidelines yesterday and the Indianapolis Colts continued their winning ways defeating the Houston Texans 28-16.

Bucs 22 – Falcons 17 – Mike Smith flirted with disaster yesterday by playing starters in a meaningless game.

Bills 28 – Jets 9 – I’m disappointed that I have to hear Rex Ryan’s mouth for another season.

Bengals 23 – Ravens 17 – Outstanding coaching job by Marvin Lewis. Remember the hell he caught for calling Andy Dalton out?

Steelers 24 – Browns 10 – Mike Tomlin won’t allow this to happen again on his watch.

Bears 26 – Lions 24 – Canning Lovie Smith is a real head scratcher.

Titans 38 – Jaguars 20 – The vigils for the arrival of Tim Tebow have begun in Jacksonville.

Giants 42- Eagles 7 – If GM Howie Roseman is worth his salt, he’s calling Lovie Smith’s agent.

Panthers 44 – Saints 38 – A strong finish may have saved Ron Rivera’s job until the new GM arrives.

Colts 28 – Texans 16 – If someone is going to spoil the playoff apple cart, here is your team.

Vikings 37 – Packers 34 – “WHEW!!!” – Eric Dickerson

Seahawks 30 – Rams 13 – The Seahawks might have what it takes to take care of the Redskins.

Patriots 28 – Dolphins 0 – The Patriots are ready.

Broncos 38 –  Chiefs 3 – The road to the Super Bowl will go through frigid Denver.

Chargers 24 – Raiders 21 – Both teams need upgrades on and off the field.

49ers 27 – Cardinals 13 – San Francisco has a week to rest after some physical play this season.

Redskins 28 – Cowboys 18 – It’s all gravy for the Redskins now, but don’t tell them that.

Yesterday 12-4

2012 Season 156-96-1


3 Responses to “Ron Glover’s Week 17 NFL Recap: The stage is set for the second season”

  1. mapoui says:

    Blood all over the place this last monday.

    for some reason, weeks now ESPN has been on Lovie Smith’s case…as they have been on Vick’s case from day one?

    what’s going on? maybe Chicago’s new GM wants his own coach

    I was surprised that Reggie Mckenzie did not even give Perry Fewell a look..then hired this Allen person!

    what’s wrong with Fewell can somebody say? he looks like a very good head coach prospect to me.

    there was no way Crennel could escape. a fine person, likeable and all that Crennel has proved he cant produce wining teams.

    and KC simply looked too bad, awful, along the way.

    and I forgot to add Marvin Lewis to my COY list

  2. mapoui says:

    “…..through frigid Denver”

    will Peyton turn the tables on Brady this time around?

  3. mapoui says:

    the Cards are going to hire Reid. Buffalo are romancing Whisenhunt.

    Whisenhunt does not look a bad prospect but Reid looks burnt out

    no team appears to be looking in Lovie Smith’s direction.

    Jay Cutler disses Lovie and MaCaskey calls Cutler the very greatest quarterback thing since sliced bread. long may he retain that outlook

    Incredible! Jay Cutler eh! Cutler looks like an idiot to me, a man whose football story is bound to end badly. Denver knew what they were doing when they got rid of Cutler. unfortunately he landed on Lovies Smiths back

    so they wanted Lovie to be Offensive minded.

    Jerry Angelo gave Lovie Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton. then Jay Cutler, a true idiot.

    then to compound matters, for blind-side offensive line man Angelo hired Orlando Pace at the end of his career who could block no one.

    Cutler suffered terribly for that. cant be offensive flat on your back

    how is Lovie to be blamed for all that? he is not responsible for personnel is he….only coaching who he is given to coach.

    But Lovie is too much of a gentleman to speak out I am sure. not that it would help him to get a job. it wont. I would not be surprised if he is overlooked in the filling of the available coaching jobs

    where Lovie appears to catch some blame is in the rapid turn-over of offensive coordinators..3 in 4 years. yet even there the story may not yet be told