Tip-Off for 1/7/13 (featuring Frank Ocean): Thunder and Heat roll; the Lakers free fall continues

(USA Today)

Lebron James drives for two of his 24 points.

The Miami Heat bounced back from their loss to the Chicago Bulls Friday night with a resounding 99-71 victory over the Washington Wizards. The Oklahoma City Thunder took their show up to Canada and came away with a 104-92 win over the Toronto Raptors.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in trouble, it’s that simple. The Lakers were unable to defeat the Denver Nuggets at home despite a great night on the glass from Dwight Howard. The visiting Nuggets came away with a 112-105 victory.

Thunder 104 – Raptors 92 – Russell Westbrook led the Thunder with 23 points and Kevin Durant handed out 7 assists. Alan Anderson led Toronto with 27 points.

Heat 99 – Wizards 71 – LeBron James paced the Heat with 24 points and 7 assists. Kevin Seraphin led Washington with 14 points.

Bobcats 108 – Detroit 101 – Kemba Walker led the Bobcats — who placed six players in double figures with 20 points. Greg Monroe led the Pistons with 18 points, 14, rebounds and 6 assists.

Grizzlies 92 – Suns 81 – Zach Randolph finished with 21 points and Marc Gasol grabbed 12 rebounds for the Grizzlies. P.J. Tucker led the Suns with 17 points.

Nuggets 112 – Lakers 105 – The Lakers blew a monstrous rebounding effort by Dwight Howard. The Lakers center finished with 26 rebounds, Kobe Bryant finished with 29 points and Steve Nash had 13 assists. Ty Lawson led the victorious Nuggets with 21 points and 10 rebounds.

The Lineup:

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Happy Monday Good People.

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  1. mapoui says:

    so which one to believe..Andrews prior..or Andrews on monday?

    still RG3 looks screwed physically for some time to come