Ron Glover’s NBA Week 12 Power Rankings


The Thunder begin their reign at the top of my Power Rankings.

There has been a change at the top since our last ranking. The Brooklyn Nets have cracked the top 10 while the Chicago Bulls have dropped out.

Here are this week’s rankings for games played through Monday January 14, 2013.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder (30-8) – The Thunder bounced back from an embarrassing loss to the Wizards to win four in a row.

2. Los Angeles Clippers (29-9) – Grant Hill has finally joined the NBA’s best bench. Interchangeable parts are up and down this roster.

3. San Antonio Spurs (29-11) – Young players like Gary Neal have picked up some of the scoring lack, buying San Anton’s big three some time.

4. Miami Heat (24-12) – Mario Chalmers role should increase as the season goes on.  

5. Memphis Grizzlies (24-12) – Trade rumors involving Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph have not deterred the Grizzlies.

6. New York Knicks (24-13) – The Knicks are 3-4 this month. Rest is in order.

7. Golden State Warriors (23-13) – Imagine this team if Andrew Bogut was healthy.

8. Indiana Pacers (23-15) – Chances are Danny Granger is done for the year. I believe Paul George is more than capable of carrying them.

9. Denver Nuggets (23-16) – A handful of consecutive wins for the Nuggets. This is a talented roster which should be in full bloom come the spring

10. Brooklyn Nets (22-15) – P.J. Carlesimo is making the most of his chance to land a full-time gig. The Nets are 9-1 since firing Avery Johnson.

11. Chicago Bulls (21-15) – The best defensive team we’ve seen in decades.

12. Atlanta Hawks (21-16) – Fifty-eight points!!!

13. Houston Rockets (21-17) – The Rockets are becoming a Jekyll and Hyde team. They go as James Harden go.

14. Boston Celtics (20-17) – Jeff Green looks like he’s beginning to come around. Jared Sullinger has been a huge in a reserve role.

15. Portland Trailblazers (21-17) – No one is talking about the season J.J. Hickson is having. The man has been hell on the glass this season. 

16. Utah Jazz (21-19) – Gordon Hayward has emerged as a much-needed third scorer for the Jazz.

17. Milwaukee Bucks (19-17) – The Bucks have been playing well since the ouster of Scott Skiles. Larry Sanders has been consistent in the paint.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves (16-19) – Life without (Kevin) Love has been no picnic for the T-Wolves — who have lost four straight in his absence.

19. Los Angeles Lakers (16-21) – There has been a defensive sighting. Kobe Bryant is going to be assigned to the opposition’s best backcourt player.

20. Philadelphia 76ers (16-22) – Is it possible that Doug Collins’ propaganda has worn off on his young team?

21. Dallas Mavericks (16-23) – Dirk Nowitzki is coming along slower than expected. I’m waiting for a switch to be flipped with this team.

22. Toronto Raptors (14-23) – With the young frontcourt talent beginning to assert itself, is it time to move Andrea Bargnani?

23. Sacramento Kings (14-24) – Last week, we saw The Good, The Bad and The Ugly associated with being DeMarcus Cousins.

24. Detroit Pistons (14-24) – I would really like to see Greg Monroe garner some serious All-Star consideration. 

25. Orlando Magic (13-24) – Sure, the Magic have dropped eleven of twelve, but the play of youngsters like Nikola Vucevic has given fans hope.

26. Phoenix Suns (13-27) – Damn, I thought the Suns won more games than this.

27. New Orleans Hornets (11-26) – With Eric Gordon, Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers healthy, the Hornets are beginning to make some noise.

28. Charlotte Bobcats (9-28) – After a nice start, the Bobcats are absorbing beatdowns of Biblical proportions again.

29. Cleveland Cavaliers (9-31) – Anderson Varejao was headed to the All-Star game before his injury.

30. Washington Wizards (7-28) – A potential backcourt of John Wall and Rudy Gay? Mercy!

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