Tip-Off for 2/12/13 (featuring Bill Russell): Bobcats end Celtics 7-game win streak; Spurs defeat Bulls minus the Big Three


Byron Mullens is a rock on a struggling Bobcats squad.

For the second time in a week, another sub-.500 team has ended a lengthy win streak. Friday the Detroit Pistons ended the San Antonio Spurs streak at 12 games. Last night, the Charlotte Bobcats put a halt to the Boston Celtics win streak at seven games. The Bobcats defeated the Celtics 94-91 to end their seven-game losing streak.

Clippers 107 – 76ers 90 – The Clippers led the 76ers 56-33 at the half. Chris Paul finished with 21 points and 11 assists. Nick Young scored a game-high 29 points for Philadelphia.

Bobcats 94 – Celtics 91 – The Bobcats held on to pull out one of the biggest victories of the season. Byron Mullens scored 25 points and pulled down 18 boards. Jeff Green led the Celtics with 18 points.

Timberwolves 100 – Cavaliers 92 – The T-Wolves have swept the season series with the Cavs. Luke Ridenour scored a game-high 21 points for Minnesota. Kyrie Irving led the Cavs with 20 points.

Nets 89 – Pacers 84 – The Pacers scored 27 total points in the first and third quarters. Brook Lopez scored 25 points and Reggie Evans hauled down 22 boards. George Hill led the Pacers with 22 points.

Hornets 105 – Pistons 86 – Ryan Anderson led all players with 31 points. Rodney Stuckey led Detroit with 19 points.

Spurs 103 – Bulls 89 – The Spurs won big without Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. The Bulls out rebounded San Antonio 49-26, but tuned the ball over 19 times. Kawhi Leonard led the Spurs with 26 points. Nate Robinson had 20 points and 7 assists for the Bulls.

Wizards 102 – Bucks 89 – The Wizards overcame 19 miscues by shooting 57 percent from the floor. Bradley Beal scored a career-high 28 points. Monta Ellis had 24 points and 8 assists for Milwaukee.

Hawks 105 – Mavericks 101 – The Hawks shot the ball well and outrebounded the Mavs 48-37. Josh Smith led the Hawks with 26 points and 13 boards. Dirk Nowitzki led Dallas with 24 points and 7 boards.

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Happy Birthday Sir, and thank you!

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  1. mapoui says:

    I have heard Bill Russell talk..not prepared speeches..quiet comments on his life, the difficult times..and at points he made what appears to me to be profound statements on life itself..comments that suggested deep understanding of the reality he has had to deal with all his life.

    at one time Russell appeared to have dismissed all the philosophy that underpins western life, just tossed them out and insisted that we take life as we see it in all its evolutionary dynamism, that principles, rules are to be gleaned from life as we go, to be guided by.

    we had to go into situations as we met them, and work them out to be successful, suggesting that the yardstick by which we do that be taken from sovereign experience, observations from the life we have lived and what appear to be true in life.

    human beings do not come to such conclusions easily, quickly but from experience, comprehensive working out of experience and concluding precisely, effectively. Russell’s response is from deep humanity and understanding that for life to go on indefinitely we must find truth and live by it.

    Russell is not sentimental, or sorry or anything of the sort. Russell is human and wants to live, secure… came to understand that, for that to be accomplished successfully all humans must have a chance to live, the best possible chance on any day going. and society must be organised to allow all alive to so live.

    what Russell was exposing was his insight into how that could be accomplished from what he saw life to truly be, not consistent with the generally accepted principles of routine existence but what he came to see as the truth of humanity, what we really are and how we actually live as a result. that had to be factored in Russell was saying, and life consciously based on such truth or we wont get there.

    that at least is what I believe I heard Russell say one day, not in so many words.. but one had to know, to have an idea to get a glimpse into what Russell most certainly meant.

    Bill Russell is no ordinary human being. Bill Russell was them and is now a man ahead of his times. he was a tremendous basketball player, close to the best ever if those things can be ascertained.

    But Russell could also have been a great leader in other areas of life..all areas of life.. for his thought was sociological, comprehensive, dynamic and inclusive. and not a leader in the traditional sense but a one who leads all to be developed for in the development of all, in a society that guarantees such individual development lies the true path to sustainable democracy.

    Bill Russell is a full and true human being, who is practical and real, not sentimental and airily altruistic.

    a statue is not bad but I don’t know if Bill is impressed by such things. he will take it of course and celebrate with those who celebrate him..and with him.. all the better to enhance a sound life and message accessible to all.

    they don’t make them like Bill Russell any more. they should make Russell’s statue and place it where it can be seen constantly from the white house. its current occupant needs example such as Russell desperately.

    it would be great if he Obama, the current occupant, actually knew he needs proper, courageous and intelligent example to emulate.

    what a sigh of relief that would produce… globally!